Surbiton Plaza squatter gets relocated

Man in shed paid to move on.

When demolition workers entered the Surbiton Plaza site and found him last month, property developer CNM Estates stepped in and offered him cash if he left, making him sign papers promising to leave immediately.

CNM Estates managing director Wahid Samady described his accommodation as a "rotten old shed", and said: "The guy just keeps coming back and he’s got no right to be there."

Demolition work has now begun and the project to build 39 flats, a medical centre and two shops on Victoria Road, is expected to be completed in 18 months.


(Quote) "On a totally different point,is this "shed man" the ever present and paparazzi plagued hero of eastenders?"

You'll find 'Keith' in Gordon Bennets! He's been there almost every time I've visited

[Quote] "...project to build 39 flats, a medical centre and two shops on Victoria Road..."

Might as well "... blot out the sun with 5000 flats, 50 houses, a shopping mall and a leisure centre ... "

What are those shops going be do you reckon? A charity store and a coffee shop by any chance?

Quite so,with Surbiton virtually cut off by road due to the crazy road congestion iniatives,one will have to rely on more commuters to fill any flats and as Surbiton is in band 6 it is already losing some to the nearby zones of 4 and 5.
Thus any shops are likely to be Coffee style jobbies,charity outlets,normal shops will find the business rates and parking problems too much to contend with.

On a totally different point,is this "shed man" the ever present and paparazzi palgued hero of eastenders?

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