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Iconic Tolworth Tower to be turned into flats

Plans to fit hundreds of homes into the tallest building in Kingston have been submitted to the borough’s council.

The 22-storey local landmark – which reaches to 81m/265ft – is currently made up mostly of offices, but developers want to create “much-needed” homes in the area.

Ward councillor Sharron Falchikov-Sumner has called for the planning application to be discussed at South of the Borough and Surbiton neighbourhood committees, as well as a final decision being made in public at Development Control Committee – as it stands the decision will be made in private by council officers.
Plans also include re-cladding the tower to make it look smarter, and to better reflect the original design by architect Richard Seifert.

The public can comment on the application until December 14, and the council has set a target decision date of February 11, 2019. To do so, visit the planning section at


239 flats with 50 odd car park slots but 300 odd bike slots,chaos this way comes.
Took me over 5minutes just to get a couple of hundred yard up Raeburn Ave this morning,why,when by cutting into the verge by a yard would allow through traffic?

Agreed. There should be no parking at all with these flats in such a busy area. There is no excuse for bringing even more traffic in.

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