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Cyclist hit with car ‘has not suffered life-threatening injuries’, police believe

A cyclist was hit with a car in Surbiton this afternoon.

Police officers and paramedics were called to the junction of Browns Road and Ewell Road at about 4.30pm.

The cyclist, a man in his 40s, has not yet taken to hospital, and his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening, a Metropolitan Police spokeswoman advised. The victim was conscious, breathing and moving, the spokeswoman added.


allowing parking on VCE (vehicle crossing extensions) is bigger hazard.

Has it even been proved that this was speed-related?

My view is that the whole of central Surbiton should be limited to 20mph for both drivers and cyclists and it should be enforced properly. The current scheme is confusing at best, with 20 mph zones on certain roads and around schools, but not everywhere else.

As Poppy rightly says, you can't physically travel at over 20mph most of the time anyway, but the real question is should we be travelling that fast anyway in an area that is massively over-populated compared to it's road infrastructure?

I'm so sick of saying this over and over but folks regularly, and I mean REGUARLY drive vastly beyond 20mph in an around Surbiton. I've seen cars doing over fifty and lorries easily doing 40. I am not exaggerating. I've lived here since 1985 and I see speeding every bloody day and cars jumping red lights constantly at places like Ewell road and st marks hill junction. Why ? No patrolling police. And speed cameras seem to have gone out of favour. So people can drive exactly how they want. Just avoid stopping in box junctions and watch where you park; other than that, you can drive any which way you like. And that includes utterly ignoring any semblance of a speed limit. Surbiton is not central London 7x24 bumper to bumper traffic, sure it has rush hour ebbs and flows but when the opportunity exist to speed then so many people do. It's worse than it ever was before and if you can't see this then you are either blind, have no ability to judge vehicle speed or you are just in a complete state of mental denial.
Make it all 20mph and either fit speed cameras everywhere and or have police patrols stepped up. The latter seems unlikely so let's just monitor traffic speed and fine the speeders. And weve not even started a debate on pollution...

Calm down dear.

Ok I give up.

Confusion rules,the King Charles Road is a 20 mph limit but a turn into the Estate allows one to do 30 mph,many Berrylands roads have both 20 and 30 limits within yards of each other,utter madness.
Why does Raeburn avenue allow parking at the Tolworth Tower end so that it is near impossible to drive along during the busier parts of the day,why not cut into the very wide verges by a yard or so to widen the carriageway?
Oh no we cannot do that in case some lunatic driver does 30 mph in 4th or 5th gear instead of mostly 1st and 2nd and 10 mph,thus polluting the area even more,especially the 4X4 diesel guzzlers laying waste to the air quality.

Poppy you are a moron

Better bring back a man with a Red flag to walk in front,what nonsense,one would be lucky to get up to 20 mph during the day,it is only the Lycra
hooligans who can get up speed these days,especially down St Marks Hill and along Surbiton Hill Park.

You're joking! We have cars doing 40/50 outside our house in central surbiton regularly, and on a 20 zone. We had two RTA recently and one man nearly killed. If you think most people drive nicely here then you are complete and utter totally contemptible stupid idiot.

So kind of you.

Everyone driving too fast and carelessly. No police and no speed cameras anymore. The roads are hell here drivers go at any speed they want. Which is too fast.

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