Returning council leader Liz Green's thoughts on the election and the Liberal Democrats' task at hand

An emergency budget is going to be called by the Liberal Democrats following their thumping victory in the Kingston local elections.

Council leader Liz Green said she is looking forward to making changes once the dust settles. Cllr Green is returning as leader after one of the Lib Dems’ biggest victories across the country – and their biggest ever in Kingston – gaining 19 seats. Fellow Lib Dem Kingston and Surbiton MP Ed Davey said he was “utterly delighted” at the result.

The Conservatives had their worst ever defeat in the borough since its inception, the Labour Party lost both its seats, and the newly formed Kingston Independent Residents Group lost the two they held following Tory defections.

Another change the Lib Dems are going to make is the reintroduction of the scrutiny panel for residents to challenge councillors, after the Conservative administration got rid of it.

Cllr Green hopes this will be indicative of a change in the council’s attitude, with more consultation on future Go Cycle schemes promised. She also hopes for a Cambridge Road Estate regeneration where “everyone sees a benefit”, including increasing the number of social and “truly affordable” homes.

Women now make up the majority of the Lib Dem administration – 22 compared to 17 men – for the first time.


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