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Hanging bra-skets: Colourful display of ample assets causes titters of amusement at Surbiton station

A huge display of amply-stuffed bras has caused titters of amusement among Surbiton commuters.

The WI want people to take photos of themselves looking after the bras and post them on social media. 

More than 20 brightly coloured hanging bra-skets were attached to railings in Victoria Road, full to the brim with plants and flowers.

The blossoming brassieres were created by the Maple Village Women’s Institute to promote sustainable gardening and the group is encouraging Surbiton residents to “adopt a bra”.

President Kelly Woods said: “We want to show people it doesn’t matter how big or small your space is, you can garden anywhere.

“A man came past on a bike and watered a few bras this morning, which was lovely to see.

"It would be great if the people of Surbiton adopted a bra to look after. ”

The bras are stuffed with all kinds of brightly-coloured flowers but Ms Woods also said the underwear is perfect as a fruit or vegetable planter too.

She said: “Obviously the bigger the bra the more you can fit in it. We have put flowers in ours but you can actually plant fruit and veg in them too.

"Tomatoes are particularly good.”

Most of the bras were donated or bought second-hand by WI members.

The group planted them in St Andrew’s Church before walking them down Maple Road and attaching them to the railings outside HSBC bank last night.

Ms Woods, 35, added: “We hope that our fellow residents will share a smile over our bras on their way to work – we certainly had a lot of fun making them.

“But what we’d really like is for everyone to get involved too. We’d love to see their own attempts at sustainable gardening and inspire everyone to have a go at growing something.”

Maple Village WI, which formed in 2009 and meets in the Copper Kettle pub in Brighton Road, has now teamed up with Sutton Seeds to launch a WI Braskets Competition with the aim of raising awareness of sustainable gardening in urban areas.

The winning WI will receive vouchers to purchase seeds from Sutton Seeds. For information visit:


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