Tesco try again with Tolworth development

After last years protests by local action group, Tolworth Residents against Over Development (TROD), Tesco have submitted new plans to Kingston Borough Council for the proposed redevelopment of their Toby Jug site on the South side of the A3 in Tolworth.

Last December Tesco put forward plans for a 'Green', 'Megatown' shopping and residential complex that was quickly spurned by TROD, an action group formed of a collection of local councilors and shopowners. They disagree with Tesco's statement that their development would revitalise The Broadway, claiming instead that similar Tesco developments had ultimately lead to closure of local businesses. They also claim that the Tesco plan fails to take into account the impact on the A3 to Kingston traffic.

The MOD site was originally sold to Tesco under the agreement that they would not use it for a retail outlet.


Excellent news Tesco have submitted new plans for the site,that should ensure the new greenway becomes pointless as all the roads will need widening and at last the A3 will be a red route to Kingston and Surbiton.
Mind you the application is almost bound to be rejected and we may yet play host to a Roma/Tinker village as the access to London from nearby Tolworth station is very good.

If the RBK are skilful negotiators they should be able to ensure that Tesco provide huge infrastructure gains,such as a decent swimming pool without silly wave machines etc.

They can, in conjunction with TFL, reshape the A3 Tolworth junction to provide good access and parking,currently parking in Tolworth is hopeless and downright dangerous in the M&S facility.

Shops will not survive anywhere unless people can park easily and preferably free(first 3 hours).Perhaps with the power of Tesco and enlightened planning at the RBK people might just spend a bit more time around Tolworth,especially if housing forms part of the scheme.This might translate into more purchases at local shops and eateries but it will be difficult to tempt any major or niche retailers to Tolworth unless tempting financial incentives are provided by the RBK.Rates are currently horrific for small businesses.

To even argue that Tesco would lead to shop closures or hinder the progress of Tolworth is frankly laughable! Tolworth has been bleak and underdeveloped for YEARS, and as a young person growing up there, there is absolutely nothing apart from local vegitable stores and chemists. To argue against Tesco in favour of the string of vegitable/ethnic health food stores (I can count six) is favouring one monopoly over another!

I would strongly argue that Tesco would bring some new life into the area and hopefully with the greater footflow other stores will be attracted to the area, such as a music store, and high street restaurant (especially Nandos) and sports/clothes shops. This should cater for youth and mid-teens, which Tolworth at the moment dissuades to stay in the area and attracts later middle aged and elderly residents only.

Moreover, this would in turn encourage better transport links to Tolworth, with better train lines and a train service that should not end before 11.30pm!!

If those who claim to care about Tolworth's welfare had any real logic they would try to get rid of the central barriers on the broadway which separate one side of the broadway with the other and therefore iscolate local businesses.

A Tesco with a Starbucks would be much appreciated, would bring local jobs and local footflow. Heres a YES to Tesco!

I agree that Tesco could have a positive effect on Tolworth, but I very much doubt if it will be in the form of any new shops. Tolworth cannot support a sports shop or a music shop now, so why would it be able to when there is a massive superstore competing with them at the end of the Broadway.

For retail, Tolworth suffers from the same problem as Surbiton - it is too close to Kingston to support too many shops of it's own. In the current economic downturn, a lot of chains are even closing down their branches in larger towns, so I cannot see them rushing into Surbiton or Tolworth too quickly.

Restaurants may be a possibility, but clearly not too many people are going to want to eat on Tolworth Broadway when there is so much availability in the nicer parts of Surbiton, Esher and Kingston, all within a couple of miles.

Hopefully Tesco will return with a better plan to sort out the A3 and Tolworth roundabout congestion that people expect to happen should the development go ahead.

This is a brilliant time for Kingston planners to extract a fantastic development and get good housing plus elimination of the congestion that already happens.
What about overpasses to fly the roundabout for north/south traffic and or just put the A3 on stilts and fly that over the roundabout,come on the area is a mess and going downhill fast seize the day and get a real "leagacy" development .

Have you heard the news? They're scrapping the plans.

Is there anyone out there who thinks building a tesco is a good thing? If you could reply back this would mean a great deal as me and a few others are in the middle of making a documentary and we need both sides of the argument. Thank You.

Not sure about Trod, but you can comment on the planning app. on the council webiste here:


How do a contact TROD?

I would like to see the site have the following facilities and service...
-apartments 50 % private 50% social. Teachers, nurses, young gradutes etc need places to live and we have a housing shortage problem.
- in turn these added people we need facilities. I would like to see a leisure complex adding to charrington bowl, perhaps a swimming pool, gym etc maybe a cinema.
- the extra population we need shops. So they will be using the broadway and new businesses will be attracted to the broadway in turn updating it.
- the subway is rubbish and dangerous, it should be filled in, I do like the bridge idea.
- perhaps the roundabout can have cameras on it because I witniss so often people jumping lights and being in the wrong lanes this is why there is traffic.
- with out the subway system could the roundabout have a added lane.
- people that complain about the traffic should realise the traffic will never ever decrease on the roundabout unless you leave your cars at home. Maybe the roundabout needs a bus lane?
- the broadway has a chemist, radio station, bar, restaurants, takes aways, library, church etc it should be expanded on and new businesses will always be eager to move in if their is more people to serve.
- not sure if we need a tesco but tesco own the site so they will want to put something their. Perhaps a specialized store in furniture or clothes only.

I think its amazing no one has thought of broadoaks which runs behind the broadway (back of shops) and ends up on the tolworth broadway roundabout next to or near the green bridge proposal. Surely this can be renovated to a standard that will allow it to be adopted by the council and make the broadway a far more pleasing prospect, as well as squeeze out the dealers and rubbish droppers. Why cant we use that as one of the recommendations for tesco to give back to the community? Has it been mentioned? Looks like they are going ahead anyway why try and get as much for our benefit as we can.Who can i speak to at tesco to get this recommendation heard?

According to the Surrey Comet, Tesco are putting together an exhibition of their proposal to 'soothe' any fears.

'The public exhibition will take place at Your Move estate agents at 142 Tolworth Broadway on: Thursday, October5, from noon to 8pm; Friday, October 6, from noon to 5pm, and Saturday, October 7, from noon to 4pm.'

A bit more info in the Comet article...

Now that it can take 45 mins to get from Tolworth Tower to Kingston outside rush hour,due to the appalling mess of cycle/bus lanes on the Ewell Road,lets get Tesco built and fast with good access from the A3.
I live in Berrylands and like most of my neighbours I drive through the back streets to the A3 via New Malden,sound crazy but quicker and less polluting..I long since gave up trying to drive to Kingston down Villiers road and having bought and insured my car have no intention of using public transport even though I have a bus pass.
Kingston is dying as a shopping centre,Surbiton has died and Tolworth never was,so welcome to Tesco City on the A3,I suspect far from killing the Broadway it will actually improve things as they cannot get any worse.
Only last week my wifes small car sustained £600 of damage in the M&S car park caused by a heavy Jeep type vehicles rear door being flung open with such force it punctured the bodywork.Much of this parking and road rage is caused by stupid necks,humps,bue lanes and cameras which so distract drivers they arrive tired and emotional and lash out at anything in sight.

I totally disagree with this letter, Save a thought for those who live in the very heart of Tolworth. having to use Tolworth roundabout every single day, cannot go anywhere without using it.
The traffice jams with this new Tesco's will cause it ridiculus, has anyone ever been on Tolworth roundabout on a Saturday or Sunday at the moment its bad, what would it be like with Tesco's.
Plus 5 minutes down the A3 you have a big 24hours Tesco's why is there a need for another one one.

How about builing things for the new generation, swimming pools, cinema the ideas are enless
Kingston is a great place for shopping, it is far from dying. Tolworth yes have never been great, back in the days of Fine Fair (where marks and spencers is now) was sufficent.
now we have marks and spencers and Tesco metro for the basic things we really do not need a huge Tesco's in such a small town.

Action Group i support you!!!!!!!! lets stop this thing being bulit.

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