Tolworth: One of London's Greatest Spaces

Boris thinks regeneration plans worthy of recognition.

Beating off competition from 125 development programs across Greater London, the renewal works will be supported by the resources of the London Development Agency and benefit from design advice from Design for London, as well as recognition for setting the standard for public spaces in London.

Councillor Simon James, Executive Member of the Council for Planning and Regeneration, said: “As well as revitalising the local area it is fantastic that this development is being recognised as setting the standard across London.”

Once the Tolworth works are completed the projects will be assessed by the panel and if judged to be a success, celebrated with “The Mayor’s Great Spaces” award.


When Boris visited Tolworth to gain a real view of this Great Space did no one point out the Elephant in the room....the now sleeping Tesco site?

The plan may have appealed to his inner cyclist and quaint ideas of a pavement culture in the middle of the Broadway but when he awoke from this sylvan dream he MUST have recognised that without the Tesco site any "plan" for this wonderful space will be a disaster.

What happens when the Tesco site does become employed and the already inadequate Ewell road needs widening to allow the free movement of goods and services into Surbiton and Kingston?Perhaps it would be best to simply plant massive Fir Trees around the Tesco site to offset the nasty Carbon that people are so worried about and not bother to develop the greatest potentia site at all as clearly we have too many houses and flats in the area and new residents can simlpy go somewhere else.

Boris probably "recognises" the Tolworth project for the disaster it will become,

what are you on about - his office has backed this scheme out of hundreds of alternatives.
They think it shows great potential.
His office will now put all the resources of the LDA into advancing it.
Why would he spend real money and significant effort advancing the scheme if he thought it was a potential disaster?
Enlighten me please.

Interesting that the local conservatives don't appear to be fully behind this scheme, while Boris obviously thinks its got potential.

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