Tolworth Tesco too close

Tesco signage

Commission could kill Tesco plans

The recent competition commission's recommendation for the introduction of a competition assessment for local councils would take into account the proposed retailer's position in the local market, and could spell trouble for Tesco's Tolworth hopes because only two miles away Tesco has its 24-hour New Malden store.

A spokeswoman for Tescopoly, a campaign group against the negative impacts of Tesco's behaviour, said: "We'll be waiting to see how it impacts on other similar proposals, but we do feel that the competition test will do little to help local shops or to promote real retail diversity."

Tesco will hold a drop-in session to update residents on the working party process on Wednesday, March 5, between 6pm and 8pm at 142 Tolworth Broadway.


Just build the bloody Tesco.

Wow top google result for 'free beer'

Only by building good access roads from the A3 to Surbiton and Kingston.
Red routeing the whole of Ewell road and removing all traffic calming measures(obstructions) such as necks,humps,bus lanes etc.

The traffic will increase throughout the South East as thats where people continue to live and move to.

Never mind,this Commission interfering should allow another Tesco competitor to gain planning permission much more swiftly and end the saga.
Then perhaps the Broadway/A3/Ewell Road disaster area can be regenerated and yes even build some low cost homes and allow free movement of goods and services along our hopeless roads.

I doubt a competitor will have much of a chance. The land is already owned by Tesco remember.

Are Tesco still going ahead, or is the plan on hold now?

keep up with the debate!

The Competition Commission recently published a report saying that large supermarkets wouldn't be allowed to open where they already have a large share of the market.

Tesco, with their Hypermarket two miles down the A3 mightn't be allowed to develop the roundabout site.
They may be forced to sell it on.

See link for details:

Remembert Tesco New Malden is in Merton so Kingston may welcome a good Supermarket.

I don't think so. they have got the big Sainsbury's in Kingston town centre, and smaller Sainsbury/Waitrose type stores dotted all around the borough.

The last thing that we need is another A3-based store that people are going to drive to from Kingston or Surbiton. It just creates more traffic on the congested part of Ewell Road. Once on the A3, they may as well just carry on to New Malden anyway.

How exactly will an extra 10000 cars per week "allow free movement of goods and services along our hopeless roads".
Surely more traffic would mean even more "hopeless roads"?

These are Tesco's official calculations - if a competitor opened, its reasonable to assume the volumes would be the same.

And you also need to consider greater pollution and impact on existing trading centres in Tolworth and Surbiton.

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