Orange mobile network coverage in Surbiton

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Has anyone else noticed that for the last couple of months there has been virtually no Orange network coverage in most of Surbiton? I never had a problem before, having lived here on and off for 6 years. Coverage drops as soon as you arrive at the station on a train. It's a nightmare! I know several other people who have this problem, just wondering if anyone else has noticed it.

It's probably something to do with asylum seekers, polish builders, communists or black people of course...


C A N A N Y O N E H E L P? I cancelled my Orange service due to the problems. They are threatening to take me to court as I refuse to pay the outstanding £104 that was left on my contract. I have said that I fully accept that sometimes there are pockets of bad reception where masts can't reach but that this is different. I have told Orange that in this case there was a sufficient service for years but it disappeared completely and meant that the service I was originally paying for was no longer available. Would anyone be willing to provide a statement as a witness to say they have had the same problems? I don't see why I should be penalised for Orange taking away a service (as opposed to not being able to provide it in the first place).

I can support, I moved from Orange to 3(which used to be an apalling network but now is very good) in December 2006 as I could no longer get an Orange signal in my house(Cranes Park area). Orange requested (and I assume logged) the reason for my switch of network that I could not receive a signal.

I had the same issue. You have every right to cancel. They were in breach of their contract - clause 4.4.1 at their discretion they would offer alternative service if unable to resolve issue - since they did not, everyone should claim compensation. It was an outrageous circumstance - contracts can be disputed.
Dont ever speak to the call centres unless you have a specific manager etc name, and, put in writing with support from other users.

My contract ended in November - they reimbursed me two months because I spoke to the same person, mostly - a supervisor,
They had a full history log of my weekly question " When will it be resolved ..?" they could not promise anything.
Started in late August -

Brian Conway

You’re right, it was on the old post-office roof

I spoke to one of the builders who said that when they demolished the rear building (sorting office), the project manager had failed to notice the mast and the demolition went ahead. It was only at that point that Orange got involved after getting complaints from Surbiton Orange users

Orange are apparently suing the builders

There is another mast being built (or now built) at, or on the old Somerfield building

Apparrently the orange transmitter was on the old post office. It is no longer there. I had the same problem so changed networks.

I went into the orange shop in kingston & was told it is expected to be fixed by the end of December (so expect the end of jan the chap told me). I complained to customer services who said i would be compensated for the loss of service with credit on my account. But they couldn't sort it out for another 48 hours (roughly) as they had made a technical error on my account!

Having chased Orange since September I was finally told yesterday that although it is a high priority for the area there is no time frame for resolution. I was also told that Orange are not obliged to offer network coverage in the area or compensation, as it is a mobile phone....

apparently its being fixed at the moment, who knows though, they have been saying this for months

Yes - I have precisely the same problem - I have to continuously keep doing a network search - as if you've just stepped off a plane - to get any coverage. It's really infuriating and if I can get my finger out I do plan to change .I was under the impression it was just a temporary glitch, but it's been going on for months. The platforms at the station are totally's like being back in 1995. They're useless, they really are.

I changed to 02 to get a decent signal in my flat

cheers for the link dude


There was some guy that was so fed up he had to switch to a different network.

Apparently Orange took down some phone masts in September:

Sod the microwaves. More phone masts, thats what I say!!

The network started initally back in august 23rd -
After many conversations with call centre support people-managers - I found out
from two mobile fault engieers recently that it is in planning
and may take as from today 19th November still a while
before full completion. No earlier than a month at least - to maybe three months or so!

Orange will not disclose this info to the call centres
so they are limited to info and cannot fully able to say how long. Best to rite in to head office or similar.

In the contract clause section 4.4.1 I think says 'Orange will at their discretion offer an alternative netowrk solution temporary if........etc etc" Dont even think / try to have a conversation with a call centre manager of any level - write in!
But they will offer reimbursements - I have been since September.

Also according to a call centre advisor - he was confident If you are in a contract you are could change/end the contarct - its most likely they will allow it as they are unable to provide proper coverage currently.

Good luck!
Frustrated orange customer
Brian (near Hart's Boat yard area)

Old thread. Sorry!
Can anyone confirm that Orange works ok again around Surbiton? I switched to O2 3 years ago but am now fed up of them, so want to go back to orange for a new iphone. Im near Brighton/LovelaceRoad area if that helps. Three years is surely enough time for them to build some new masts!

Just to chime in on the whole mob coverage bit ---

Orange - 2-3 out of 10... seem to have gone down the pan completely. My schlep takes me to Bank and back to Maple Rd, and Orange struggle to provide a data service at either end, and in between too. Often takes me 5-10 mins to get a signal when out of tube and onto homeward train at Wloo. Many many failed calls too.

O2 - 7-8 out of 10... Pretty fast 3G service, but drops to slower 2G anywhere towards the river. Still pretty reliable though.

3 - am currently trialling them but looking ok so far, on a par with o2, as far as my limited testing goes.

02 towards the river from Surbiton is bad, after a prolonged battle they broke me out of my contract. I know towards Tolworth it's not great either particulary when you are in your home.

Vodafone are about the only decent provider it seems for Surbiton out of Orange/02, not sure what Three or T-Mobile are like however

2g works ok round there, 3g is normally fine in the high street. Not 100% signal everywhere, but then I think that's the same for all the networks.

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