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Bus from Surbiton to Richmond please!

14 years ago...

Apparently, a good few years ago, there was a bus from Surbiton to Richmond. Where has it gone?! Could it come back?? Or could the 65 be extended by a couple of miles? I know loads of people in Surbiton/Thames Ditton/Tolworth who work in Richmond and we all have to get 2 buses every day or travel all the way to Clapham to come back again! It's only 20 minutes in the car, so if we want to be 'greener' and encourage people not to use cars, please, PLEASE reinstate the Surbiton to Richmond bus! IS anyone else out there frustrated by this? (Apart from this, and the lack of recycling points in the town centre, I love Surbiton!) Could we start a petition to the council?


How about the R68 from Hampton Court Station direct to Kew retail park, Via Richmond

It is cheaper for me to drive from Surbiton to Richmond (parking at work) than get 2 buses each way every day.
Put a direct bus on and I would stop driving.

I think this campaign needs to start up again - or indeed start full stop. I think it's crazy that there is no direct bus to Richmond from Surbiton. We should be able to take ONE bus to our nearest tube stations.... Richmond and/or Wimbledon.

Pity river bus services are so difficult to finance a small jet foil or cat would do it in minutes and avoid the shambolic centre of Kingston

That would be brilliant!

I think it is very unlikely that they would reinstate this. There are two buse routes from Kingston-Richmond (65 & 371), and literally a bus every couple of minutes going from Surbiton to Kingston.

It is not too much hassle getting two buses, but does mean you need to swipe your Oyster Card twice each way, so it costs £3.60 instead of £1.80 per day!

I already do this 2 bus option, and it isn't great in winter when you want to stay on 1 bus keeping warm! It also proves very expensive paying 1.50 twice in and twice back - £6 per day. (As for the Oyster card, I don't have one - don't quite trust where the info goes, same with customer loyalty cards and id cards.) But thanks for the reply anyway! :-)

With an oyster card, it would be half the price! The aim of Oyster Cards is to prize people away from Cash.
You wouldnt believe the amount of money that is stolen from London buses and the amount of injuries and attacks drivers face!

With regards to a Surbiton - Richmond bus route; Surbiton is already very congested with buses, so I think an additional route is well out of the question!
However, perhaps the K1 bus route could be extended from Kingston to Richmond, which would provide a direct bus link from Newmalden - MaldenM, Tolworth - Surbiton - Richmond. The total journey time during the day from New Malden to Richmond would likely be in the region of 60 minutes.

Now the buses are all privatised you need to convince the bus companies they can make money with the route. I don't think the council can't do much about it.

I don't think there are any anymore... you need to change in Kingston.

I found this website where someone is keeping an up to date list of all the buses (must be a bus spotter)

Bus route 65 was withdrawn between Chessington and Kingston during 1987 just after our wages were cut by 24% at Norbiton bus garage which operated the route.
The website mentioned, , shows route N65 to be introduced on 4 July 2009 between Chessington and Ealing Broadway giving Surbiton a second nightbus.
The website also contains timetables which are more comprehensive than the TfL specific stop panels allowing users to work out arrival times at the destination e.g. 465 arrival times at Dorking Deepdene to connect with trains to Gatwick Airport.

The 65 used to go even further; from Ealing (next to Cleveland Park) to Leatherhead - via Ealing Broadway on the current 65 route to Kingston, then the current 71 roue to Chessington Zoo), and then on to Leatherhead.

Must have taken all day! It takes long enough to get from Kingston to Ealing now, let alone more than doubling the distance.

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