Surbiton - The Land That Time Forgot

17 years ago...

Does anyone know why the clock tower in Claremont Road has been covered in scaffolding for months. And months. And months? And when, if ever, anyone will bother to fix the station clock.


Ah yes I remember it well,i was only a small boy Port Harcourt at the time but it played well on my crystal set.

Not sure. But it was definitely way before the Swolly Wolly Hula Bula Humble Humble Band's immortal version of Min Krop er Taget på Ferie Uden Mig.

Hey, 1958 was a good year. Gigi won the Oscar for Best Picture, James Van Allen discovered the Van Allen radiation belt and Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu by Dicky Doo & The Dont's hit number 40 in the US charts.

Was Dicky Doo before or after Elias and the Zig Zag Jive Flutes splendid rendition of Tom Hark?

They say when you arrive in Surbiton you must reset your watch to 1958,perhaps thats why time stands still around here.

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