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Hollyfield scholl - new fence is a monstrosity - no sign of any planning permission.

14 years ago...

Has anybody else seen that new fence they've put up at Hollyfield school?
Its a damn ugly brute - must be 10 foot high at least, with thick metal bars.
Its a complete eyesore and makes the area look like a young offenders centre.

Do they not need to get planning permission to put fences over six foot tall?
If so, there's no sign of any application on the Council website.


jesus - i love surbiton - it truely is the best place to live in England - but my god are there some moaners here!

cheer up people this is surbiton not the lebenon

I agree. Like the rest of Surbiton, the density here is constantly increasing.

It was only a few years earlier that the other local pub (Railway Tavern?) was demolished for yet another block of flats.

I do not know who on earth gave permission for the ex-Peugeot dealership to be turned into flats, but it has been done very badly.

If the council insist on these high density developments, then some thought should be given on how to make them more visually attractive, and to retaining as much of the existing greenery as possible.

The worst one of all is further down the road - 'The Maples' on the junction of Surbiton Road/Surbiton Crecsent looks like it was designed by the same people that designed the Cambridge Estate tower blocks!

I too am a student at Hollyfield and beleive that the fence is horribly high but when you actually think about it there is a reason as to why its there.
'Bunking' is when a pupil skips lessons and leave the school premesis with out permission.
This is a huge problem in many secondary schools.
The fence is basically there to prevent this, who would climb almost 10 feet of fence just to miss a small lesson?
I know i wouldn't.

It is ugly all the more so as you can see through to the "yoof at play".

At least if it was brick the foul language and taunts would be muffled and we would be spared the sight of the lumpen masses until chuking out time.

actually the YOOF is prounounced youth and as being a member of the hollyfield school, i do feel that the fence is awful but it is there due to the fact that the YOOF of surbiton and berrylands like to break into the school at night. all this website does is moan, all so pesimistic

Actually its pronounced YOOT! Get with it brother.

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