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Is it just me or have the all pavements in greater Surbiton been taken over by foul mouthed cyclists?

Im not talking young children but adults who expect you to jump out of their way and release a torrent of abuse if you dont and if you actually say something to them it seems to trigger a spectacular frothing at the mouth and even more foul language.

This also applies at night when it used to be normal for bikes to carry lights even when on the roads,no wonder more pedestrians are getting injured as the slipstream from some would knock an old lady or gentleman off balance.


Highway code sets out who can and cannot cycle on pavements. Adults cannot. Not that that stops them, but then again the highway code isn't law either, it's just a code of conduct.

I can't believe two people with such similar writing styles would have the same ridiculous idea.

It's completely unworkable. If we had as many police on the streets that were needed to enforce it, cyclists wouldn't dare use the pavement in the first place.

If you really think it's an issue, which I don't, a few public information adverts would probably be enough to shame most people out of the habit. Why not contact MP Wavey Davey and lobby the government?

Good luck.

I am not sure it is unworkable. There are not enough police to ensure car drivers have insurance, and obey traffic laws all of the time, but most still do.

As an example, I would be prepared to bet that if you wait at the junction of Maple Road and Claremont Road for 2 minutes at rush hour, you will see more cyclists jumping the lights than motorists - I see one jump those lights every other day when I am walking past.

I agree that there are bad drivers as well as cyclists, but the difference is with drivers it is one in ten, with cyclists it seems to be at least six in ten.

Cycling used to be a working class activity and thus was very law abiding and responsible,nowadays it has become the preserve of eco warriors and yummy mummys and descended into the "get out of my way,cyclist coming through" brigade.

School children rarely ride as it is too boring but those that do enjoy the bike as weapon of choice for pavement assaults on anyone careless enough to be in their way.

Along with dogs all cyclists should carry insurance and some form of ID affixed to their bikes/collars.
Zero tolerance to all these major dismeanours,including litter and graffiti operatives is the only answer.Sadly only Kevlar enabled and armed officers dare to challenge this criminal elite.

I think that is just the problem - it does sound extreme to say that cyclists should be subject to the same laws as motorists.

A few years ago, it would not have been a problem because cyclists were more reasonable, and the roads were clearer.

Lately, I have been directly affected twice by cyclists jumping red lights. Fortunately, I managed to avoid them on both occasions, but what if I had not? Not only would I have a dead or injured cyclist on my conscience, but I probably would have been charged as if it were my fault as well!

I;m mad too. I think pushchair and shopping trolley drivers should pay pavement tax and have mandatory proficiency tests. Oh, and the wider you are, the more you pay.

At last someone else has noticed this eco menace enjoy immunity from the N/Lab and Red Ken enforcers.

Why oh why must we put up with cyclists riding across zebra crossings,ignoring one way streets and red lights.Where are our gallant boys and girls in blue?Where are the community look alike coppers?

Surely walking is the most eco friendly activity of all why should we be abused by the lycra oafs that seem to enjoy causing mayhem let alone the simpletons who insist on riding on the pavement while tethered to a dog so both can be exercised.

Insurance and registration is a must to avoid ever increasing accidents caused by these people.

I agree totally. I went out on my bike for the first time in ages the other night. As I approached a zebra crossing on the Portsmouth Road, a couple waiting to cross stopped to let me go first. They obviously expected me to jump the crossing, and seemed very surprised when I did not.

It is a cliched view now, but I think that cyclists should have to hold tax and insurance - if they get caught jumping red lights/crossings or riding on pavements they should get fined in the same way motorists would. I am only an occasional cyclist, but I would be more than happy to do this.

The trouble is that under our current government, cyclists hold the moral high ground as they are combatting Labour's two greatest evils (global warming and obesity) so they can get away with what they like.

I want to ride on the road but my mum says I'm too young.

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