Tesco invite Tolworth for chat

Jan '70
Thu 1st

They want to know what you think of them.

Drop-in sessions will be held for Tolworth residents to have their say on Tesco's report into the area and plans for a superstore and residential development. They have released a report on the group's findings, are consulting on that and will use people's thoughts in a design brief for a new plan.

Tesco's corporate affairs manager James Wiggam said: "These sessions will be open to all residents, whether they are part of the working party or not."

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Totally agree with these comments. Tesco if your gonna invite the community to talk to you must do everything possible to make people feel welcome eg. have an evening session as well! To be honest if you cannot organise a simple meeting I do not trust you to decide whats best for Tolworth and its surrounding areas. Furthermore it may be a better idea to have more than one person that represents Tesco as more than one person may want to ask questions. The drop in session was pure shambles. Tesco you should be ashamed.

How about holding the consultations at a time when those who work for a living can get to them? Middle of a weekday is not useful for those who work in central London!

That's probably what they want - the fwere people able to go the better.

After all, this whole consultation thing is just window dressing.

Tesco next time u hold a drop on surgery meeting thing why dont you provide chairs so people can sit down!? old and young a like. common sort it out. the meeting to be frank was un inviting.