Subway sandwich shop coming to Tolworth

16 years ago...

Walking down Tolworth Broadway earlier this morning I noticed that the vacant shop next door to Abbey Bank has a subway poster outside it. I therefore believe that subway is coming to Tolworth. Can anyone confirm this?
What do people think about this. Subway in my opinion is far better than Mc Donalds and Burger King but does Tolworth need another fast food/takeaway place? Just wondering what peoples opinions are on this....
I wonder what the closing time will be?
I believe the sandwich place will do well with many people who work in Tolworth Tower and surrounding offices popping in for lunch.
Hopefully too much litter will not be created!!!
Maybe its good that Tolworth is getting a well known shop in the area.


agree i wonder why subway have not moved to surbiton? or new malden?
anyway I agree that subway moving to tolworth could start a trend of other companies moving in. whilst independent traders are good for the broadway there is no harm in having a name like subway.

I hope subway will be a good addition to the broadway that is in serious need of a change from estate agents and charity shops. Plus some good customer serivce may be a good idea a few tool shops i have been to were very un helpful so i just went to the big shops (b&q etc) who were more than happy to help me.
I still think that we need a nice trendy bar/pub especially as the redlion has now closed!

Subway is not great, but it will be a good addition for Tolworth.

I know the current trend is to rally against 'clone towns', but towns like Tolworth (and even Surbiton to a certain extent) need these brand name places to replace the really scruffy places and empty shops.

Once the town starts to thrive a bit more, then it is time to worry about whether it is a clone town or not.

I am a bit surprised Subway has chosen to open in Tolworth before Surbiton, but I don't think that it is a great loss.

I thought for a moment someone was opening a sandwich shop in the underpass!

Subway is arguably slightly more healthy than a McDonalds, but no more ethical according to Fast Food Nation.

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