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12 years ago...

Has anyone else noticed the amusing sight of the urban gardening craze of blasting piles of leaves from one spot to another with high powered turbo blowers?

The object seems to be to remove leaves from ones own garden into next doors or the road.

Surely it should be reversed and powerful suckers used to remove the leaves altogether.

Another side effect is to require the noble street sweepers to remove the leaves from the gutters and pile up mountains of beige bags to await collection,apparantly their job description does not require them to sweep pavements only roads.


Incredible,now i look out for leaf blowers i saw a lady today with a leaf they do exist for the domestic user.
Surely then there must be someone who produces an industrial version?

How odd,walked along S/H/Park and KCR and saw 3 contract gardening types in different blocks of flats doing exactly that.Blowing leaves from their property into neighbouring ones or the road.

Good point Poppy,why not just hoover them up with a big vacuum pipe?

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