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I am returning to Surbiton after many years. 2007 saw the publication of my 5th book, Mr. Light, (blujah books) set in Surbiton and surrounding areas. The fable charts a man's search for his WWI hero grandfather. I drew from the topography of the locality, with refs to that wonderful 1930s station and the endlessly changing face of the glorious river, which swims through the ever changing fortunes of London. A kind of fluid Orient Express.
I have a bit of history here, and recall very vividly waking up in 1988 to the dramatic the effects of the great storm - walking down Portsmouth Rd - the felled trees like slain soldiers on a battlefield. I remember the river roads, the arduous bike ride up Surbiton Hill, Conan Doyle's spiritualsit Church in Villier's Road!
My first book, Loot is also drawn from here. And, of course, there's the river. Always that. I've recently moved from Deptford, where the Thames is broad and moody. But I loved it. Yes, it is couth in Surrey, but, she, the Thames, has many stories to tell, even with the serene view across to Home Park, the harsh and opportunistically brisk contours of Kingston riverside she never forgets; from Henry Tudor to Pepys, and back.
Surbiton has changed, I know. Everywhere does.
Write back if you're an author, poet, artist. Maybe we can have a creative fest in 2008



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