Phone Masts !!

18 years ago...

Kingston council has given the green light to a mobile phone operator to erect a mobile phone mast in front of Raeburn Garage, on Raeburn Avenue. This is right in the heart of Berrylands, and not 15 metres away from shops and houses in the neighbourhood!!!

There is also a new proposal for a mast in Chiltern Drive!!


I hope you've bought some extra so Tom can do his next door!

Well that's as maybe, but according to the Berrylands phone mast website, Orange are now considering moving the proposed mast to Chiltern Drive. have gone curiously quiet for the moment, perhaps they're contented now that the problem is off their immediate doorstep? Apparently the website hasn't been updated in months.

Incidentally if you believe them to be harmful, moving the mast a few hundred yards away could actually bathe your home in even more radio waves. According to some zealots, the nearer you are the more of the radiation passes by harmlessly overhead.

Personally, I'm quite happy watching those oiks deep fry their heads whilst squandering their ill-gotten gains on demented ring-tones. My domestic telephone handset suits me fine and this weekend I'm getting Jerry to line the loft with alumnium foil.

Mobile Phone signals *might* cause health problems, but it's never going to be provable either way.

I use my mobile a lot, however a former tutor of mine who was head of the human radiation effects group at university said he never used mobiles, based upon his knowledge of the health effects of microwaves (ie what comes out of your antenna).

One line you could try to stop new masts getting planning permission is to argue that their presence will lessen the value of your property.

I bet most of them have mobile phones though, and moan when they can't get a signal! They can't have it all...

PHONE MASTS - A HEALTH RISK? ….And an eyesore
There have always been objections to the erecting of phone masts, not least because of their unsightly bulk but mainly due to health risks.

Wishaw resident, Eileen O'Connor, claims that the mast, erected in the village over a decade ago, brought with it a variety of health complaints from many local residents ranging from nosebleeds to headaches

But for Eileen, it was worse - breast cancer

Alasdair Philips of the campaign group "Powerwatch" has invented a device to detect mast emissions by converting microwaves to sound.
Alasdair insists that pulsing microwaves constantly bombarding the body are responsible for complaints of ill health.
"It's like a pneumatic drill going outside your house," he explains.
"You can't hear it but your body cells are being impacted by this pulsing microwave radiation."
Campaigners claim that the pulsing waves from the masts interfere with electrical signals in the body, damaging the immune system.

I pity the residents of Berrylands.

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