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New Labours Record......

15 years ago...

Created 1½ Mile long queues to sign onto an NHS Dentist

Destroyed our Pension system

Has overseen a 500% rise in Gun Crime & Violence

Flooded our Country with uncontrolled immigration

Allowed a plane loads of Terrorist Hijackers, free Housing & Benefits

Counts Dinner Ladies as Teachers

Allowed MRSA to increase SIX FOLD

Raided Lottery Funds for far left illegal asylum groups

Which Govt comitted us to an illegal war in Iraq


Umm...I think you must live in a different Surbiton to us, is there a another Surbiton in downtown Bangkok?

I don't think we have a currently have a problem with Triads in Surbiton unless you count the angelic looking five year old I saw leaving Woolworths wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt last weekend!!

mmgrnts mkng ths cntry wht t s Kvn? Y mn ths mmgrnts… Chns Trds nd Snkhds Jmcn Gngs/Yrds strn rpn Gngs Ngrn nd Ghnn gngs Blkn gngs sn Gngs Trksh nd Krdsh Gngs Mkng r strts wht thy r ..dngrs!!

The above text has been deliberately disemvowelled as it is in breach of the terms.

Just a quick couple of points, and by the way I'm not a traditional Labour voter....

I had to get an NHS Dentist recently, and thought it was going to be an impossible task, strangely though after logging onto NHS Direct I had the choice of six who were taking on patients in the area. And ended up with my first choice right in the centre of Surbiton (and he was excellent by the way).

Our NHS services in Kingston/Surbiton have been improveded immensely, as sadly I had to find out recently.

Uncontrolled imigration.... this country was made what it is by an empire, and the resulting imigration.

Plane loads of terrorists? Come on!

The war was a mistake but the Conservatives would have done exactly the same thing.

Pensions... well with an ageing population it would be a problem for any goverment, the onus has to be with the individual as well as the State, for those poorer pensioners there are far more benifits available today than 9 years ago.

Tony Blairs Britain....not bad!

Whoh... it isn't as bad as you are making it seem. Maybe we need to concentrate on some of the positives here, or sat least some ways that we can affect positive change.

Can s0me-one explain why Tony bLiar's party is called Labour?
Most of the House of Commons are in it, and not 1 of tHem is a labourer.

are you on this list, buntyman?

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