The increase in crime everywhere.

19 years ago...

I was born in Kingston and grew up in Surbiton when England was England, and to the vast percentage of the population it was their natural ancestoral country of birth. Crime was low and the law was to be feared and was enforced to the fullest extent. Children were disciplined at home and in schools using the old methods and were taught respect. People were able to write, spell, and speak proper English. It was a time when the people had never had it so good.

So how can we get back to that state of blissfull harmony and what political party will enable us to do so as quickly as possible?


The point I was trying to get over to you, is that you can't have it both ways. British migrants live/travel in many countries with which we have reciprical agreements, which include the EU, Austilaisia and many more.

I have and do work with workers from pther countries....all of them pay tax!

The majority of school leavers have always had to make comprimises in career choice, in fact what you say could not be further from the tuth, freedom of choice in both career and education is now so much greater.
I left school in the 1980's and had no prospect of a job, thak god that can't be said of today!
Only a decade or so ago University could only be the choice of the select few, now everyone can go, with no finacial penalty until they are putting their skills to use in the workplace.

You say the British car industry is dead, you are right (thats a first) but only if you are talking about British owned major manufacturers. In fact we are producing more cars today than we have for many a year. (And whilst we are on the subject, MG Rover would still be existance if British people bought their cars in the first place).

To sum up I'm right your wrong, and Surbitons a great place to live...he! he!

Maybe the kids would like a career in what they want to do, not what is available. Manafacturing in this country is dead, as is aviation and motor industry. Where did it go? Great if you want to work behind a desk on rubbish money, there is no need to skilled workers now, most of the work is sent abroad because its cheaper eg the phone service to chat to people who cant even speak our language well- and no its not to wales!
When you go abroad you get something called travel insurance because most countries expect you to have it. Try and go to the USA and get medical help they will sling you out the door without insurance.
I know a girl who has recently become a nurse and she has found it very difficult to find a job because most hospitals have taken on filiopinos to fill the gaps. They should be sent home if someone from BRITAIN can take their place.

Kids have no jobs to go to?
We have at present record employment levels, there are many business sectors that are crying out for staff and find recruitment very hard, that is why controled and targeted immigration is a must.
I am not driven by money, I live in a modest way in a town that I love, I just get very annoyed when so many people on this site paint a picture that is far from the truth.
Just one more thing on immigration I take it that you are in favour of all British migrants/travellers etc having free health care taken away from them in their host countries, what works for one should work for the other.

So kevin, all that drives you is money and not the fact that kids coming out of school now wont have a job because we take on all these immigrants. Taking more tax????? Again you live in a dream world. Working with contractors in the past from Aus NZ SA and eastern europe they pay NO TAX! They send it home or save it so when they go home they have a nice big house to live in. Then they use our hospitals! Go figure

I've be away from this forum for a while and can't quite belive what I'm reading.

If you wern't so ill-informed you would know that this country takes far more in tax from those who chose to come here than it gives out.

We have an increasingly ageing population, therfore immigration is a nesessity for our continued growth.

There is no place in our society for the bigoted views of the BNP, might I suggest that you emigrate?

Kevin you dont live on this planet do you?? If we trained our own people to do certain jobs we would never need immigrants to do these jobs. They get immigrants in so the bosses can cream a massive earning while treating the workers like scum. Most of the money these immigrants earn is sent straight out of the county again. They bleed our system for their own benefit, i say we should make them pay their own way like i pay mine. If we had a BNP goverment in we would have our island back again and return of the Golden days will be a bit closer.

Just a couple of points...

If it wasn't for the immirgrants that you mention, most of our social, welfare and health provision would lack the sufficient key workers to keep it going.
Many of those now entering the country are taking jobs in areas where we are desperatly lacking in skills and labour. (By the way the country benifits financially from these people taking far more in taxes than we give out in benefits!)

I'm sure that the age you talk of was "great" but time has moved on expectations have changed and we set ourselves new benchmarks for what is great.

Looking back will never solve the problems of society we are all too complex for that.

Hatred will only take over if it is allowed to, if the vast majority of the population were exposed to the facts on immirgration they too would see it's something to be embraced. Our land is all the richer for it.......

Let me tell or remind you Kevin and all the other people who read these posts of a forgotten significant point which I have omitted up to now and which you should be thoroughly aware of.

Due to the wittling away of our welfare state by one means or another and the flood of immigrants and no goods over the years who have milked the British tax payer of their pensions, our pensioners have to live on a pittance.

Before the second world war there was Hitler who believed in Germanic race superiority and that many Eastern Europeans, and coloured people were sub human and needed to be irradicated in favour of the expansion of his super race.

Hitler exterminated homosexuals and disabled people and Jews and any other people who did not match his ideals or did not tow the line by visiting them at four in the morning with his Gestapo, beating the hell out of them until they were dead, or carting them off , never to be seen again.

When he decided to invade and subjugate everybody, Great Britain for a time fought alone and held him back until strong enough to defeat him with tenacity and great sacrifice of life.

As a result the peoples of Europe and of the world have freedom of speech like you and are not rifle butted in the face by screaming thugs because they answer back or protest. Pause to think about such a hopeless situation to be in.

So Kevin, before you make anymore remarks like you do about people of the "Golden Years" which include a vast proportion of pensioners who helped to win that war, spare a thought for the fact that they were lucky to survive at all and that if Hitler had won and people did not have blue eyes and fair hair, they would have been exterminated.

Now it is totally the other way with all sorts of people dictating to the British what they can freely say or do in their own country. And how do you feel about the Pope's views about homosexuality and buggery?

If we continue to let all comers into our country then race hatred will grow as it did in pre war Germany and parties like the BNP will one day take over. Then you will really have something to worry about because once the true English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, get the bit between their teeth you will know how we defeated Hitler.

This country cannot continue to be flooded with immigrants because in time the poulation will swell to such an extent that the economic infrastructure will break down completely and has already begun to do so.

Sadly, the golden age you talk of may well have been good for you, but I fear may during this time would have felt oppressed, many not included in society due to their skin colour, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

The "Golden Age" occured between the end of the scond world war, and I would estimate, the end of the sixties, when the property boom took off along with unprecedented inflation.

Without going too deeply into the historical facts, after nearly half a century of war, class structure, and social unrest, people voted out the Conservatives in favour of Mr.Atlee and the Labour party. They thought this would bring change, but it simply prolonged the recovery from war with continued rationing and austerity lasting into the fifties. Then they voted back in the Conservatives and they stayed for thirteen years during which time the country recovered and working class people began to enjoy an unprecedented standard of living. A golden age.

It was the time of Churchill, Eden, Macmillan, and then Douglas Home, or Hume as it was pronounced. He was a weak personality and did nothing for the then failing and scandalous image of the Conservatives after the Profumo affair. Our balance of payments was getting out of hand and money was being thrown away by the government.

Macmillan made his famous statement,"You have never had it so good", I believe in 1959 and he was right.

Then in 1964 during the so called "Swinging Sixties" the British people threw it all away in favour of a Labour government, for one reason or another, right or wrong, and there began a new age of stop/go policies and wage freezes and pay strikes, social reforms, etc., which lasted into the next short lived Conservative Heath government and beyond, until the end of the seventies when Thatcher entered the stage. I am sure you remember the long lasting changes SHE brought about in our social structure.

As some indicators for you to think about. My generation started to move out into the country and buy houses which then doubled in price within two years between 1969 and 1971, the start of the housing boom. By the end of the seventies mortgage rates had hit fifteen per cent! Inflation was rocketing and while interest rates may now be low think of the price of houses now.

I have witnessed a lot of political and social change but I would say the best time was from 1951 to 1964. But that does not automatically mean the Conservatives are necessarily the right choice now.

Right now the main issues are crime, education and discipline, and stopping further immigration and bogus asylum seekers, and putting British people's welfare first before all others, replacing the social housing which Maggie sold off.

With the nations obsession with materialism, and commercialism, over the so called basics maybe the Communist Party?

But seriously when was this golden age?

I'm 35 and all I remember of my youth is unemployment, riots, inequality,sharing a book between 4 others at school, my parents house being ransacked and my father dying of a disease that would now have been treated. Some things have improved then...

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