Read this and I dare you to vote Labour or Lib Dem !!!!

19 years ago...

As the petite, middle-aged teacher shouts desperately for the 20th time for the out-of-control class to be quiet, a faint, childish boy's voice can be heard, calling out above the deafening din: "Suck me off, miss".
The appalling scene of classroom disorder and disrespect is just one of many captured on film for a channel Five documentary, to be screened this week.

The documentary shows children aged from 12 to 15 completely ignoring her and other staff while they shout, scream, fight, swear and wander around the classroom at will.

In one scene a full-scale fight breaks out and a 6ft tall boy is seen wielding a rubber truncheon, as the terrified teacher calls for help. In another, pupils throw books, pens and balls of paper across the room for a full 15 minutes as the teacher protests, before they declare that they "don't give a poo". In yet more disturbing scenes, a boy in a computer class is filmed accessing hard-core porn sites and then protesting his innocence, saying "I just typed in '[filtered word]', miss".

Clearly shaken by her experiences, the teacher said she could not comprehend the behaviour she filmed, using a tiny camera hidden in a briefcase and a microphone disguised as a jacket button.

She is ignored or challenged constantly. In one maths class, a 12-year-old who was censured for saying, "poo, miss!" told her: "I've got just as much right as you to say what I want. I've got a right to speak up for myself."

"It was a constant battle," the teacher said. "Some pupils have got the idea that they can threaten the teacher with the police, with being summoned and sued. Teachers end up walking on eggshells, and when you do that, you can not discipline a child. The balance between the child and the teacher has swung too far in favour of the former - and they know it. The whole way they walk down the corridor says 'We are in control'."

Ruth Kelly, the Education Secretary said " they're just being naughty kids like we all were".

• Classroom Chaos, Five, Wednesday 8pm


Disipline is perental responsibility as well as a school one, we sadly live in a very litigious society, that I am sad to say is a reflection of the greed of all of us not a reflection of the goverment of the day.

What is a reflection on our leaders is the masive school building programme that is going on at present, the increased oportunities for our young and quite simply the fact that most pupils do not have to share a book between 3 others, as I had to do in the 1980's.

Labour has removed the power of schools to have the final say in expelling kids. Combined with the fact that teachers are prosectued for touching a kid, the kids now rule and they know it.

Vote Labour if you want more

Oh come on, rememember this is not a forum to scare, sensationalise and promote fear, I've seen enough of this in the Party Political Broadcasts of late....... the country is not like this as a hole and certainly not Surbiton, please I do urge you to smile a bit more, and get out there and enjoy life!

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