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Bagdad, where the butcher Saddam Hussein once ruled.

Although he inflicted untold suffering on the Kuwaitis, the Iranians, as well as his own people, and fully intended to annihilate the state of Israel with weapons of mass destruction at the earliest opportunity, destabilising the Middle East and cutting off essential oil supplies at will, we are now told that Tony Blair should not have told lies and gone to war to get rid of him.

Those lies, if they were lies, were acceptable to complete an essential unfinished job without further hinderance. The present problems there were predictable and will continue as long as Hussein's old supporters cannot come to terms with defeat. Their actions serve to illustrate how ruthless the previous regime was and how essential it is for us not to pull out too early until they are defeated completely. This is patriotic talk as opposed to that of the treacherous talkof the Lib Dems.

Kevin, we may as well live in Baghdad. All the local newsagents appear to come from there and I'm going to have to learn Urdu to have my paper delivered as none of them speak bloody English!

Let's hope that they read all the postings them, otherwise they might think we live in downtown Bagdad!

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