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19 years ago...

Vote Conservative and return Britain to the wonderful days of old.

Put the British first before immigrants and bogus asylum seekers and rid the streets of out of work homeless British people. Make it unattractive for them to come here and send a load back to where they came from, especially those from Eastern Europe.

Make thugs and criminals pay heavily for their crimes.

Bing back discipline to the schools as well as good school meals.

Stop allowing ethnic minorities telling us what we can say or do and teach in our schools. This is Britain. If they don't like it go back to their own country.

Give "British" pensioners a proper pension on which to survive in return for all their contributions over the years.

Reduce council tax.

Cut the price of diesel to reduce rising transport costs and prices in the high street.

Over to you Kevin. lol


Well now Happy Chap, the Lib Dems held our little haven well and your vote was rather wasted!!!!!

No you miss the point..again...

Labour from another country was only employed..alongside labourers from this country...because there were not enough people to fill the posts available!

Back in the eighties this would never have happened because the jobs were never there in the first place.

I am glad that I voted for a party and government that will continue to make this country a beter place to to live.

I am off on holiday now , will leave you all free (only for a week) to push you right wing adgendas.

Voted Conservative. A party that will put British people first.

Well done your partner's father who is empoloying foreign labour and helping to undermine the ecomonic stability of the country. What did you drink on the way back from the polling station, Iceberg 1066?

I have just spoken to my Partners Father who has many Polish and Eastern Block builders on his site, he empoloys them as there is a shortage of skilled labour in this country. They pay taxes and, these are his words not mine, work twice as hard as their English colleagues.
There is a huge demand for additional labour in this country, which needs to be filled.
We are in the enviable ecomonic position now, this will only be sustained by using workers from other countries.
By the way I have just voted, for stability and public services, I voted Labour. I only hope that the majority of others did as I want to live in forward looking, vibrant and successful country.

There is something basically wrong if we have to import foreign labour into our country to do jobs which our own nationals are capable of doing.

We need to eliminate the need to do so because by using foreign labour which is prepared to carry out work well below the going rate we are destabilizing the low paid areas of our economy where people are having a hard enough time getting by as it is and getting on the first step of the property ladder. Furthermore we should encourage our own nationals to study for the key professional jobs for which there may be a shortage of trained people.

The answer is to train our own nationals in as many skills as possible and give them first priority.

As for asylum seekers there is no longer a down trodden communist eastern block for people to flee from and if they feel the need to flee from something why should it be our door they tap on every time. Time other nations took their fair share.

The rest of the world should sort their own problems out for once and start acting in a civilised manner. We simply cannot keep taking on the problems of the world because by doing so we are committing economic suicide. While we had to get rid of Saddam( for middle eastern stability and oil) we cannot afford to continue to follow America into every conflict.

The correct poulation for the British Isles is in the region of sixty million. A stable economy should be able to support that. However if we keep accepting outsiders who then bring with them their large families who in turn breed further large families, then in time we will become overcrowded, from which more economic and social problems will stem. We are more than full up now and we are no longer the very self sufficient nation we used to be with a vast farming and industrial economy to support a large poulation.

You cannot run an economy on ethnic take aways and corner shops if the British customers have not the earnings to afford the prices. I think at that stage the British people would at last wake up to the fact that something had gone wrong and they would then open their eyes.

Anyway, today I did something shocking and for the first time in over thirty years I voted Conservative!

Please look at all of our competitors, compaire our ecomony to our EU partners and the US.....

If we are to have again public services to be proud of we have to put money into them. So many years of underfunding had left our schools and NHS in an appalling state, a small deficit now is a price worth paying, and if there has to be another rise in National Insurance to pay for it, then so be it! I for one would prefer to pay an extra couple of pounds each week in tax and have services that we can rely on.

Please get crime into perspective, perception is much higher than the actual levels. More money has provided more Police...Tory proposals to lower tax cetainly won't provide the necessary funding to do so....

When I was young in the eighties I dreamt of having a Tory Government with a social concience, we have one, and I for one am very happy.

Ok Kevin, but in reality its like this....

Schools under New Labour

Pupil admits raping teacher.
A 16-year-old has dramatically changed his plea at the Old Bailey and admitted he raped a teacher the day after she started at his central London school.
The powerfully-built boy admitted raping the 28-year-old on September 7, 2004, when he was 15. The woman was bitten, headbutted and indecently assaulted during the attack.
Education Education Education ????

Crime under New Labour(just this weekend)

Man beaten to death in West End

A 24-year-old man has been beaten to death in the heart of London's West End. The attack happened in Whitcomb Street which is just a stone's throw from Leicester Square and close to Soho. The victim was hit around the head with a belt buckle while several men pinned him to the ground.

A few hours earlier a 26 year old was attacked with a hammer in Bloomsbury. A victim of a gang initiation!!!

Meanwhile in Clapham..a driver mowed down a pedestrian before removing his car's number plates and driving away. The driver is described as black and in his twenties.

Tough on crime..tough on the causes of crime?????


Trouble for the future. Thanks to a surge in public spending that began just before the last general election in 2001 and to disappointing tax revenues, the public finances have swung to a deficit of 2.9%. And with spending on health growing rapidly, something is going to have to give. Either other spending will have to be cut by more than is now planned or taxes will have to rise sharply. Moreover Labour has been making things worse by adding to regulatory burden on business and by making the deficit in corporate pension schemes bigger than it otherwise would have been. Oh dear!!

Lets dispel a few myths shall we....

We have a fantastic independant judicial system, what would you prefer a system led by government, or one that has been the envy of the world. Police numbers have increased in the local area, as I have mentioned before on these pages, making our streets safer than ever....

Earnings have increased, inflation is at an all time low, unemployment is no longer an issue...our current tax burden is providing improved services in all areas. Income tax hasn't gone up, granted national security payments have, but I for one don't mind this one bit, as I can see the improvements that have been made....

Need I remind you about the Tory Fuel Tax......

This country is not swamped by imigrants, infact we need far more to prop up our healthy economy. Again take a look at the true stats on imigration...

Have you seen the latest stats on Hospital infection rates, talk to the health proffessionals and get the facts dirty hospitals are now not the primary cause. I might add infection rates were increasing under the last Tory Government....whilst your at it take a look at Kingston Hospital, its now second to none....

Disipline in our schools is the responsibility of PARENTS, this is the heart of the problem not the schools themselves. Our schools have had a massive investment, in my home town every high school is being rebuilt, what better investment in our children could we have?

My mother is a pensioner, what a relief it is for her to have her fuel bills paid each year, she also recieves other boosts to her pensions, yes they may be means tested...GOOD... why should a wealthy pensioner get the same benifit, target those who need it!!!

I now live in a country with stable growth and a economy based on the industries of the future.

Go on admit it the futures bright the futures Labour!

Today we have...

lenient sentences for criminals and more talk about crime

more waste and higher taxes (60+ added since 1997)

unlimited, uncontrolled immigration

dirty hospitals and long waiting lists

schools with poor discipline and falling standards

more means testing and higher council tax for pensioners

a Government that takes you for granted

The good old days...

I remember high unemployment, sky high interest rates and homes being reposessed.

I remember bigotry, and clause 28.

I remember underfunded schools, no books and crumbling classes.

I remember an underfunded NHS.

I remember the poll tax!

What did the Conservatives do for our pensioners? I remember my Grandparents trying to live on their pensions!

How soon we forget, but how soon we will remember if they get into power....

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