Election Result: Disaster for Surbiton and Britain!!

19 years ago...

Look forward to 5 more years of....

Illegal immigrants

Asylum Seekers

High Crime levels

Dirty Hospitals


Higher taxes

Please feel free to add to the list.



Surbiton Eye, I think you might be talking about the last Conservative Government!

Britain can now continue to enjoy record sustained growth, an NHS that will coninue to get better, services we can be proud of, and hope for our next generation.

How soon you all forget the way Britain was miss-handled in the 80's/90's.....

One thing I can agree on though is the fact we are saddled with a useless MP for the next 5 years.

Already the Labour government is showing signs if discontent from within and pretty soon everyone will realise that it is no longer the government that they voted for after a reshuffle.

Soon it will be run by a bunch of indesisive numpties who will bungle everything even more.

Gordon Brown will not be able to run the show on his own without Tony.

We now have to wait another four years while everything degenerates further. An opportunity has been lost to put things to rights. Mark my words.

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