Charity collectors in Surbiton.

18 years ago...

Is it just me or is it impossible to go shopping without being accosted by charity collectors! I find then intimidating and rude, they do nothing for the worthy causes they are representing.....


I fully understand the need for charity collections and the benefits they bring to the less privileged and needy. However, as Surbiton is not a very transient place, i.e. the same people get off the same trains - visit the same shops down the high street everyday. I cannot understand how the various charities think we have loads of spare cash for all the good causes.
I reckon i must be approached by at least 2 or 3 different charities a week, I cannot afford to help all the causes, because of this, after being approached at least twice on both sides of the road and declining the offer to help, I can't help feeling that I am regarded by the collector as being none charitable and I end up feeling guilty and humilated and viewed as yet another tight sod.

To avoid this I now end up physically crossing the roads to avoid the collectors.

Can't the charities go somewhere else for a few months as I'm sure everyone in Surbiton just doesn't have anymore money to give!

As a charity collector myself I find your comments both offensive and ill informed, I collect large amounts of money for a worthy cause and have myself worked in Surbiton.
For the charity concerned it is a vital way to raise funds for the needy.

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