19 years ago...

For the past couple of years, more and more nefarious persons seem to have been lurking around outside the YMCA.
Could somebody explain what the situation is there?

My brother thinks naive philanthropic businesspersons are lifting down & outs from the ghetto and bringing them to Surrey in an attempt to rehabilitate them, is that true?


I hate those drunk tramps outside the station selling travelcards. They can see me a mile off though, and stay away.

All the law abiding residents of Surbiton should lobby politicians and drive the scum out of the
YMCA. This will see a dramatic drop in crime. Locals will feel a lot safer.

Far from being a blot on Subitons landscape, we should be rather proud of the YMCA.
I suppose that you would rather it be somewhere else...lets hope you don't ever fall on hard times!

So there you have it.

It is you, the taxpayer, that is funding there presence.

Unfortunatley, it seems the only thing some of them are vulnerable to is getting arrested.

The YMCA has a contract with Kingston Council to support up to 100 'vulnerable members of society' in a Government programme called Supporting People.


It's not far fetched, as you seem to think; somebody must be paying for them to stay there, mustn't they?
So who is it?

Anyone who knows who is underwriting the Y pikey venture, please answer.

Couldn't agree more George! Some common sense at last on Surbiton.com.

What nonsense....does your brother by chance also believe that he has been abducted by aliens at any time, or that the government are secretly tracking us by our mobile phones using satelite technology? I find it difficult to belive that Sir Richard Branson or any other businessmen philanthropic or otherwise have such James Bond villan stylee designs upon Surbiton or any other places in the home counties....

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