Fox hunting in Surbiton!

18 years ago...

The fox population in surbiton seems to be rising to epidemic proportions, last night my angora rabbit "Lilly" was attacked by a fox, luckily she survived the experience but is still in shock and under medication. The fox far from being shy was unafraid even when i resorted to throwing potatoes at it!
It was not the sleek beautiful animal as purpoted by tree huggers but instead a mangy flee and disease ridden creature.
My partner before moving to surbiton from devon and prior to the recent ban was an avid fox hunter and assues me that if such an activity were to take place in Surbiton with no more than two hounds it would be perfectly legal. would any of the pony club going types that seem so abundant in this area care to join him should he arrange such an event in the near future.


Er? Whats the problem with that????

Mr Surreypuma one minute a flag waving BNP supporter, the next an animal rights activist?

Kevin, i suggest you build yourself a more sturdy hutch to stop mr fox from getting in.
Lumpster, some city dwellers are highly educated individuals and can see that hunting foxes is not for pest control but a blatant excuse to watch a creature being shredded to bits for fun.

bubbawetones has a point. In Canada if you don't take care about your rubbish, bears come down from the mountains and eat you.

Lumpster: fox-hunting is people getting satisfaction from animal cruelty. Even a backward uncivilised country dweller like me can see that.

bubbawetones, why dont you go back to rural Wales and say hi to that plonka Kinnock for me. Its outsiders like you who have no idea about how to live side by side with humans! Sheep Shagger!


just discovered this place and reading this thread and the one on tony blair's britain, it's so nice to know that the town i choose to live in is filled with such wonderful people. you bunch of bigots. i for one love the fact that surbiton has a population of foxes, i come from rural wales so i'm not some city boy who doesn't know what the creatures are like. foxes are opportunistic by nature, they will take advantage of your carelesseness if you leave something out that they can get to, whether it be a rabbit or a rubbish bag, they will get to it. all you have to do is actually take a bit of care making sure you have a secure bin or hutch or whatever. get out and sort the problem that you cause yourself, rather than blaming the poor foxes. oh, and it aint foxes that keep me awake at night shagging and fighting, it's people, wanna start hunting them? or would that come up as a rise in violent crime down to tony blaaiiiirrr? right wing knee jerk idiots.

It is a shame that foxhunting has been banned by dogmatic (or should I say foxmatic :wink: ) city dwellers with no experience of foxes beyond reading "Fantastic Mister Fox".

I have frequently been woken up in the small hours by foxes fighting, shagging, molesting cats and generally making horrible yapping sounds, so I'd be quite happy if the council poisoned the little [filtered word]s, or alternatively rounded them up and dumped them in inner city Labour constituencies......

The Americans' "humane" what a joke! are these the same Americans who abdicate capital punishment and commit manifold war crimes?
I have pets which i love but valuing the lives of animals above those of humans is both illogical and morally dubious. As you have said the foxes are foraging in our refuge and are by defintion vermin and can spread disease.
As for Richmond Park I belive it was originally built for King Henry VIII and stocked with deer as his private hunting ground, so your idea seems perfectly sensible to me.
Animal numbers need to be controled so why not make sport out of it.

What a ridiculous idea! Your parntner may well have enjoyed torturing innocent animals on his country estate in Devon but such barbaric practices would never be tolorated in civilised places such as Surbiton. Perhaps you would like us to open up Richmond Park to hunt the deer whenever the fancy takes you? I do however agree that there is a problem with the fox population in Surbiton, on many occasions my garbage has been torn open on collection night and nappies, chicken carcases etc have been strewn accross the road and pavement yuk!
The Americans have used birth control medication to control racoon populations perhaps this a more humane sollution.

we all know fox hunting is pure wrong

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