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Parking in Surbiton

15 years ago...

I am in full agreement with residents parking.....but it seems our council has gone mad!!!

Every free parking space in the Brighton Road area has turned into Residents Parking or Pay and Display.

How much did all this cost? How long will it take to recoup the investment? Is this why I pay so much Council Tax?

If it is the case that a profit is made on all these new machines maybe this could be passed back to the Council tax Payer in the form of a free Permit!

If its the case that they are making a loss then why has it been done?

I have asked the council for answers to these questions, but have not yet had an answer.....


You think all this is bad has anyone tried driving down, cycling down or walking across Manorgate road, near Norbiton station? It's a serious accident waiting to happen, there is no way of seeing oncoming cars until they're about to hit you...

Get used to it. You'll be paying per bag of refuse to be collected soon.

I agree, the council has gone bonkers, Long Ditton is now very dangerous to drive around the visibility as you negotiate a road junction is dam near suicidal now!
Lovelace Gardens is now a no go zone, all you need is one bus and the road is in grid lock.

Also I was shocked when the double yellow lines went in outside Kentucky, there has never been a problem with people quickly stopping to pick up a burger, i can only assume this is a revenue earner too, what has happened to Surbiton !! All the parking restrictions do, is create yet more anger that then needs to be vented somewhere.

Surbiton is becoming a sh*thole :twisted:

Any questions regarding the controlled parking zones in Surbiton, contact this man: David Mallett.

It's another stealth tax. Now you have to pay to park outside your own house.

Still, it's all good for Waitrose. Now people park there for free, do their shopping and don't bother with the highstreet.

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