Water Pressure in KT6

18 years ago...

I installed a Triton Opal Electric Shower over a year ago and the water pressure was then OK.

Water board have recently reduced the pressure in the Surbiton area in an effort to save water.

The Low Pressure light on the shower unit is now almost constantly on rendering the shower useless

Alas, I'm now forced to fill the bath up instead (doh!)


Lets hope that more people do the same!

Hi, I've already written and demanded they pay the cost of a shower that works under lower pressure, else I’ll involve that Lib-Dem guy that we never seem to hear about, apart from election time that is

Same here! My multi jet power shower has turned into a dribbling mist, and the pressure is so low it keeps on running cold.....I'm writting to the water board and asking for a reduction in my rates....

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