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What's Surbiton like now?

14 years ago...

I was at Kingston Poly twenty years ago and I lived at Clayhill in Surbiton.

I loved it! I would like to return to Surbiton when I finish my new degree in a few years time.

What's Surbiton like now? There seemed to be a bit more litter on the streets when I visited in in Jan 2004.
A lot more crime too! You could wander around at night without getting hurt twenty years ago.


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[quote]Which sh*thole are you from mattpat? Why have you moved here? [/quote]

I moved from Rickmansworth, though I'd hardly class that as a "sh*thole". I moved because I got a job, having graduated.

[quote]Its chavs like you who move to Surbiton that lower the standard of the area![/quote]

Ah yes, I called you racist after your comment "Blacks are roaming the streets like crazed animals, mugging, thieving and making life a misery for the indigenous English", so automatically I am a "chav". Of course.

I whole-heartedly understand your logic.

Please see for a good definition of a "chav".

To distinguish myself from such, I will add that I have a very good degree from a top University, I have a very respectable job, I generally scrub up well (smart, un-chav-like clothes), I hate junk food, I am well spoken (except, perhaps, when talking about people who are racist, fascist etc), I ride my bicycle on almost all my journeys from my house rather than taking the car, and I recycle all my waste plastic, paper, glass, cans and cardboard.

I would hardly class myself as someone who would "lower the standard of the area". Would you?

[quote="Surbiton2"]Surbiton Eye is a racist little maggot who knows jack poo about Surbiton other than his own prejudices.[/quote]

Indeed. To be honest, I doubt anyone would value his opinion anyway, given what he said. Every single post I have read by SurbitonEye has been either either unhelpful or just simply false. I moved to Surbiton recently and I have not regretted it in the slightest - surprisingly quick trains to/from the city, in general a nice looking place with small but decent shops, very close to Kingston for the bigger shopping and lively evenings, and fast access out to the M25 on A3.

SurbitonEye, are you sure you live in Surbiton?? Also, please stop being a racist c**t.

Surbiton Eye is a racist little maggot who knows jack poo about Surbiton other than his own prejudices.

If I could I would report hm happily to Trevor Phillips and see the guy prosecuted for if I had my way!!

I have lived in Kingston / Surbiton for 10 years, and have got to say that the crime level seems very low, especially for a London suburb.

I have spent a lot of time working in both Woking and Guildford, and the 'chav' and minor street crime always seems more of a problem there than it does in Kingston, let alone Surbiton. If you go to comparable sized London surburbs (Bromley, Croydon, Harrow) you realise just how safe the Kingston area feels in comparison.

As Oztrich mentions, even towns such as Weybridge suffer badly from these problems. This is one of the premier commuter 'enclaves' in the county, so if it happens there, why shouldn't it happen in Surbiton?

The current government are very lax on petty crime, and this has understandably led to an increase in it, but I cannot see that this has affected Surbiton more than anywhere else.

Kingston's main problem is the hoards of youths attracted by Kingston College during the day, and the nightclubs in the evenings.

The two main problems that Surbiton has are the YMCA and the beggars hanging around the station at peak times.

The YMCA seems here to stay, but the beggars only hang around because idiot commuters insist on giving them money or used train tickets. Almost every time I use the station, I see someone handing something to one of them. If they didn't get anything, they would soon lose interest and move on somewhere else.

I've just moved into Surbiton from Australia. We chose Surbiton for commuting reasons. After researching the commuting towns out to Fleet, such as Woking, Weybridge, Walton etc, it seems that all towns have rotten problems with young thugs.

First, the nice. There are some really nice parts of Surbiton and there are a couple of pubs that are quite decent (the elm tree for one). There's plenty of convenience and it's only a short trip to Kingston if you need more of a range of stuff to spend your money on.

The bad: I'm yet to see marauding gangs, but since I've moved here, a 45yo woman was beaten, kicked and punched on the ground, (on the high st!!), a guy was mugged at the train station, I've watched kids snort cocaine out the front of my house, seen scum urinate on buildings in plain view of people walking by, and a guy was beating his girl friend in broad daylight on Ewell Rd and seen two young thugs at each other on the high st...WTF is it with these people?

I've seen plenty of very heavily intoxicated Caucasian folk staggering around at all hours of the day which is just a laugh really, but makes you wonder why they get themselves so plastered.

It is a bit shocking how much crime there seems to be around here - but it seems to be quite normal in the UK if you read the papers - not specific to Surbiton.

Whoever said Surbiton was a great place to live obviously doesn't actually live there or if they do they don't leave their house. Although in all fairness the fact that it's full of weirdo's doesn't worry me, they're quite amusing actually. Me and my friends used to love bumping into the flashers on a daily basis on the way home from school. There was also plenty to get up to as a kid; drinking, smoking weed, putting bangers in dog bins to scare unsuspecting walkers was a favourite, I suppose you could go to the cinema, if you won the lottery, or play football down the park, if it wasn't covered in sewage from where the drains exploded, or go swimming, if you weren't likely to get typhoid from the lovely clean water...

And now I'm an adult it's great with all the pikey attracting clubs thriving and all the decent pubs being knocked down. All I can say is if you can move to the welsh valleys and find it an improvement; it must be a terrible town.

Don't worry, this applies to the whole of Kingston upon Thames, not just Surbiton.

Hi everyone. I would like to add to this forum from an outsider's perspective if I may. I am an American, living in a suburb of Chicago and I have a relative that lives in Surbiton, whom I visit a few times each year. I think your town is glorious for many reasons! I love the fact that I can walk two blocks and do my shopping (so many grocery stores to choose from!), go to a pub, get on a short train to Waterloo and do some shopping and/or sightseeing in London. I love going to Woolworth's especially, because when I was a child, America was loaded up with Woolworth's just as England is now and sadly, they have all disappeared. The suburb I live in is 25 miles west of Chicago, but if I want to do some shopping or anything for that matter, I have to get in my car and drive everywhere. Small corner shops have all been replaced by strip malls, each one identical to the next. I see England now going that way as well, although you seem to still have your downtowns and high streets intact. Surbiton is a wondrous little gem of a town and I have seen no crime at any time when I go, the folks are all very friendly and I sort of feel as if I am going back in time, if that makes sense. I espcially love the Charity shops, where I buy loads of books that are unavailable in the states; the sales staff are always helpful and cheery.
I would love to live there for many reasons, and only one really prevents me from doing so, well actually TWO reasons (I will NEVER be able to drive on the left side of the road! haha); and that is the cost of living in England is so high compared to the states, my wallet would shrivel up and blow away in no time! Oh to be rich.....
Anyway, I digress.... I just wanted to let you all know that from a foreigner's perspective, your town is most loved and adored.
Sally in Elgin, Il.

Oh please! Mr Surbiton Eye your bigoted views repulse most of us. Surbiton was and still is a little haven, a great place to live.

Cheapjack, law abiding & tax paying citizens do complain to the police but nothing will be done to combat the blacks particularly since the Macpherson report.

The police are paranoid about being called

Pick up a local newspaper like the Informer or Guardian and see for yourself how blacks are making life a misery for residents.

The fascist left always use the race card because they know this Government has failed in tackling crime.


BTW Cheapjack, I lived at Clayhill in 1999, it does indeed rock!

I too must admit, dispite the opinions of the heavily racist comments who find it necessary to post here, that Surbiton is no worse and probably far safer than most other British towns.

In fact, as this is supposedly a community website, I feel it's time the silent majority have their say and vote on my poll: 'Are racist comments welcome on the web site'?

See my poll on a separate posting.

I find Surbiton a great, safe place to live, I have yet to see this 'black scourge' that Surbiton Eye is describing.

Unfortuatly most of the trouble I see comes from drunk white males, no doubt of the same ignorant, racist and bigoted persuasion of The Surbiton Eye

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Why don't you complain to the police?

Where I am at the moment is a hell-hole in some ways - the bullying is so widespread and institutionalised the authorities are part of it, but there's no trouble on a night. There's very few muggings too - I'll tell you why- there's always a police car about very quarter of an hour or so. It's a small town like Surbiton.

Get onto the police or council!

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Considering previous warnings, the poster has since been banned from Forums.

I have recently had, for business reasons, to explore certain parts of London where, after 27 years of living in Surbiton, I had never ventured before. On each occasion on returning to Surbiton I have realised how lucky I am to live here. The proximity of the river and the parks, the number of small friendly shops, the cafes and restaurants, the (what in my experience appears to be) relatively low crime level, the range and variety of housing, the proximity to a large shopping centre, all combine to make me appreciate what I/we have here. Of course things have changed in 27 years - some for the better, some for the worse - but that is the nature of things. I have travelled the world extensively - and I am always happy to come home to Surbiton. If some dislike living here so much then quite simply leave, move away, find somewhere else to live.

Thanks for your answers to my question about Chinese Communities in Surbiton - though i'm not sure I can take most of you seriously! I am not for the record, from China but grew up in New Zealand so have no problems integrating. I do however, love Chinese food and where there's a Chinese Community there's Roast Duck, Roast Pork, Wontons etc!

I'm thinking of moving to Surbiton shortly and i'm chinese - do you think that I will encounter racism? Is there a chinese community in Surbiton already?

Where can one find weed in surbiton?
Seems pretty scarce nowadays.

I totally agree. I have looked at many areas both further in and further out of London, and cannot find anywhere which matches the combination of benefits that Surbiton has whilst remaining as reasonably priced.

For me, it is the 17 minute train journey to Waterloo, the 10 minute walk to Kingston, and the 5 minute walk to the river that make it so ideal.

Before I lived in Surbiton, I would have to use my car every day for something, now it does not get used from one week to the next.

Surbiton would not suit everyone, but will be perfect for a lot of people.

I agree entirely and have now moved back to Pimlico to escape and will only make guest appearances to manage my buy to lets.

Why are you moving from China to Surbiton anyway? Does there have to be a Chinese community? Can you not intergrate with the local English population and embrace our culture and customs?

Do I note a racist tone to your reply? Surely not here on

Firstly he never actually said he was moving from China. He said he was Chinese.

Secondly, why shouldn't he inquire if there is a Chinese community in Surbiton? It's a perfectly valid question. Wouldn't you want to know if there was a British community if you moved abroad?

Thirdly, exactly which of 'our local English culture and customs' would he be embracing if he moved here? Tea drinking? Morris dancing? Getting boozed up on a Saturday night and weeing in the doorway of Woolworth?

Sadly I really can't help answer the gentleman's inquiry as to whether there is a Chinese community of any size in the area. I do know however that there is an all too vocal minority of small minded, racist bigots.

Get off your pedestal cowardly "anonymous" poster, the guy asked a question and it was aptly answered

Can't we (indigenous Brits) say a word without being called racist?, its attitudes like yours that creates the problem for immigrants

I would hardly call 'Why are you moving from China to Surbiton anyway?' an 'apt' answer to this man's question.

If he is Chinese and living in the UK already he would know if there was a Chinese community.

If I moved abroad I would certainly want to know where the British ghettoes were so that I could avoid them.

An Englishman only has to open his mouth to reveal a whole "racist" subculture of "class",something I have really only found in India but must apply elsewhere this is probably the most insidious of all.

Racism is alive and well in every country,town and community.
No matter how polite I am overseas I find racism directed at me quite frequently in many subtle ways and including the more obvious "go home white trash" comment.

It is the price we pay for mass travel by peoples of different colour and religion so yes ther will be racism alive and well even in leafy,sleepy Surbiton

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