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Surbiton station among the most crime-ridden in London!!

15 years ago...

Surbiton station is infested with criminal scum making life hell for commuters! South West Trains as expected dont give a sh*t!

You can make a difference by contacting Alison Reynolds the station manager and demanding she tightens security with more guards on platforms and more cctv cameras.

Phone : 0870 0005 151, ext 62755

Or why not call our local MP Ed Davey and tell him to do something. Phone: 020-8288 0161

Security has always been a high priority for Ed as he has worked closely with Simon Hughes MP and Mark Oaten MP and therefore needed to protect his behind.



No Surbiton2, I said I only go to your town 4x a year; the rest of the year we travel around the states and Mexico and the UK. I can't be wasting ALL my time in lovely Surbiton England..........not that it;s not a lovely tropical climate of course. :lol:

You only see your bf 4 times a year Sal? Can't be much of a relationship then! :x

Well Sal your boyfriend sounds like all the other selfish dipsticks in Surbiton, snobbish, earns far too much for his own good and selfish with it. No wonder some people turn to Crime!!!!

Hiya Dave

I was just staying in Surbiton on my usual 4x yearly visit to see my boyfriend and I ALWAYS go to the Surbiton railway station just about every day I visit so I can go into London and shop my butt off... I have never seen any crime really... just working commuters and the usual assortment of unruly teenagers... this time however there was some old Grizzly Adams looking geezer TRYING to play the guitar and sing outside the station. I kinda felt sorry for him and wanted to give him a few quid but my boyfriend wouldn't let me.. said he'd never get shot of the old sod if we gave him money! Ha.. Anyway, if you think you got crime in your railway station, you should see the scary sort we got in Chicago that have guns! YIKES! :roll: I think Surbiton is great! But then I am only there about 1/12 of the year so perhaps I miss all the nasty stuff (thank goodness).

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