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Surbiton Winds of change!

14 years ago...

Well the Lib Dems won didnt they, and Labour won the national election and will win the next one under Mr Brown!

It's a very satisfying era for people like me. For years, absolutely years and years, decades even, I had to suffer as did many others snobbish selfish and uncaring conservative politicians ruling the roost both here in Surbiton, and on our Council and also in Westminster without being able to do a thing about it at any level.

Well NOW, for the last NINE years and counting, it's been my turn and my friends turn to be part of the "establishment ruling class" and your turn to be considered the militant right wingers, the whingers and windbags, who want to destroy our centre left way of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that'll continue for another ten years or so, and then perhaps we'll think again.

How does it feel chaps?! Got you all at last, ha ha LOSERS!!!!!!!


Surbiton 2 :D