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Help with family history

14 years ago...

I am tracing my family history and have found out that my great great grandfather was born in Surbiton.On the birth certificate it says he was born in Chelsea Cottages in 1884. His name was Robert Butt. Does anyone know if the cottages are still there or where they would have been? Many thanks.


Dear Michael, I have found that on the 1861 census Robert Butt was living with Robert Culthard in Chelsea Cottages, 3 Brighton Road! So the information you gave me was great. The census also shows that Robert Culthard was a fireman at the water works! Do you know of a website/book to do with Surrey or the water works? I live in Wiltshire and know nothing of Surrey. Thank you in advance, Lisa.

3 Brighton Road is likely to be at the other (South) end, either near the railway bridge or up on the hill that is now upper Brighton Road. We live at the water works end at number 155 Brighton Rd. and I believe our house is one of the first to be built on the road according to the previous owners.
The filter beds can be seen from the aerial photos on google maps. (do a search for the postcode KT6 5NW and then switch to a photo view and you'll see them) There are a few old cottages on Seething Wells lane that may have been counted as part of Brighton Road many years ago.
You can also try the Kingston Council ISIS Planning system (from their website) as that has some old maps of the area and my provide more information.
Good luck!


My ancester lived in 53 Brighton rd in 1881 :-)

On Bacon's 1888 Atlas there is a Chelsea Water Works opposite to where the Brighton Road joins the Porstmouth Road. (Just to the West of the Chelsea Water Works is marked the Lamberth Water Works.) These may still exist as filter beds? I would guess the Chelsea Cottages might be close to the Chelsea Water Works.

Mchael Farringdon
March 10 2006

Hi. I'm looking for a restaurant in Surbiton that was owned/run by a couple called Kerbal around 1909. The spelling may not be correct but it will be similar. They immigrated to America leaving a son who was born in 1909 with a childminder. Can anyone help please.


whist researching family history I came across an old postcard addressed to Barmen House,St Andrews Square,Surbiton,Surrey does anyone have any information on this house,any help would be most appreciated,regards Vanessa.

Hi, check the old census details online. Many of the old houses in Surby did not have numbers originally, just names. If the house is, as I suspect, Victorian you search for it on the census. I found out the original name of my Victorian house that way, albeit accidentally.

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