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I'm fairly new to Surbiton and would be interested if anyone can share information about the local music scene. Does anyone know of nearby rehearsal rooms for bands? Are there any quirky places that can be used as venues? Also if there are any musicians/music fans who like strange sounds, collecting obscure records or playing the tambourine, feel free to get in touch!


The Brave New World does Open Mic on Sunday afternoons. Never been though. Yet.

Also, the Grey Horse in Kingston is a bit of a famous venue. They'll have anyone play there, from what I'm led to believe.

Dunno about practise rooms though...

Practice rooms : The Peel Kingston is the nearest I think and a good venue

Also :
The [filtered word] pit (The Fighting Cocks)
Bachaus (may still put on gigs not sure defo DJ nights)
The Grey Horse

May be worth looking up local artists like Martha Tilston for more knowledge (she on myspace)

back in my student days (2002) I was in a band, and we played at Brave New World a couple of times. Don't know if they still do it though.

Surbiton does NOT have a thriving music scene though, unless you count the jakey bloke outside the station with who plays guitar and shouts

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