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Improvisation Course for People in Business

14 years ago...

Hi everyone - just wanted to tell you about a great new course in Surbiton. :)

[b]Improvisation Course for People in Business[/b]

[quote]Improvisation is creating value offhand with whatever is to hand.[/quote]

[b]Why improvisation?[/b]
Life is unpredictable. So is the subset of life called ‘business’. No matter how well we plan, the unexpected happens. People improvise all the time, and the quality of a person’s improvisation skills can be improved with structured and engaging practice. Businesses in the UK, Europe, and the USA use improvisation training to create new products and services, to open up new markets, and to improve client and staff relations.

[b]The course will help business professionals to:[/b]
[list]Improve business performance (create wealth, reduce costs, and improve morale)
Enhance personal performance (increase mental agility, creativity, and ability to inspire others)[/list:u]
[b]Previous improvisation experience not necessary. [/b]
[i]Attendees must be over 18 years old. [/i]

Average class size: 10 people
Starts: September 5, 2006 and every Tuesday night for 8 weeks
Venue: Central Surbiton from 7:30pm – 9pm
Cost: £120 per person*

(*Course fees to be paid in full by the first class.)

[b]Book NOW! [/b]
Bookings will be taken on a first come, first serve basis and class size is limited.
To ensure your place, book now. Look forward to meeting you all! :mrgreen:
Email [b][/b] for more info and to book.