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This world is out of control

14 years ago...

Listen up, fellow Surbitonians (although I think it should be Surbotanians cos I think that sounds nicer) where was I - oh yeah! What I 'm talking about is instant take-over, we storm the county hall in Kingston and declare revolution!

No more pie the eye, pie in the sky diktats from the people of Kingston! No more! Let's reclaim what is ours! We are the chosen ones!

I have made a deal with the People of New Malden Front and they are up for it as well. I said we'd give them 25% of the land (although we could turn on them after the revolution, do em over and have all the land to ourselves.)

Men! Women! Children! Labradors! Hamsters! This is our time! RISE UP AND FIGHT.

All meet tomorrow at Surbiton station for 9.30 am. We'll go down to the bus-stop outside Waitrose so have some change ready.

That is all.



I was up for it and everything, but wanted to avoid the Big Issue seller.

Where were you?

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