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Does anyone know what exactly is going to happen to the old Post Office building opposite Sainsburys? I know it's been closed for a number of years and there's lots of building work going on behind it, but I haven't heard anything about the actual Post Office building. I know plenty of people would disagree, but I reckon it would make an excellent (and intimate) live music/performance venue catering for all tastes.


I agree with the fact there are parking problems in Surbiton, but cannot agree that this type of facility will be used primarily by students.

The Maple Road area of Surbiton is full of professionals and families who provide a very good level of business to the bars and restaurants in the town centre. The large student population only adds to this.

Even if parking were freely available, most non-local drivers would visit the more comprehensive offerings of Kingston or Richmond.

It looks like their putting bus lanes on Ewell road which is pretty much as good as a red route as far as parking (apart from the buses :)

Great that more flats are going up,great that the fascade of the old building will remain.
The problem as always with this area is parking and access from the A3 and North of Kingston.

Until someone gets a grip on Hook Road and Ewell Road and makes them a clutter free red route to speed traffic both in and out and then builds some decent Over-Rail parking at Surbiton Station then sadly the Surbiton centre will be home to the walking,mainly student population.Nothing wrong with that but one needs a mix of all ages for the area to truly flourish.

A new North/South link is urgently needed,if not a bridge then tunnel under Hampton Court grounds and punch through to Hook Road.
We all know both H/Court Bridge and Kingston Bridge are hopelessly inadequate.
It is no good blaming cars and hoping for expensive petrol to limit their use,when alternative fuels are available car numbers will surge.

They're building over 50 flats behind it, but the PO facade is staying and some 'retail units' (shops to you and me) are being created behind it. The old building is being converted into a restaurant so you never know, they may get a live bad in one day.

For anyone who's interested, I've put a PDF of the plans here.

We had some news about the application way back in 2003:
A new street for Surbiton?

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