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Has anyone else seen Deer in Surbiton??

13 years ago...

Last night i had to go back to the office on Oakhill Grove (next to the bird sanctuary), and a Deer ran down the road passed me (It was at around 19:00 so i definately was still sober). Are there and deer known to be in the bird sanctuary??


I was waiting in a queue for the temporary lights near Shrewsbury House School this morning and a very frightened little deer ran past my car heading away from Hook Road, burst through one of the temporary roadworks barriers, across Ditton Road and disappeared into the distance. I was amazed but it made my morning. I assumed it might live in the woods around Love Lane, which would tie in with the comments here about Woodstock Garden Centre and Langley Road. Anyone else spotted any?

I just saw a very scared deer in our garden this morning. It was a fairly large male and it ran off down Langley Avenue.

They had a problem with deer eating the plants at Woodstock garden centre a few years back and had to build a snipers tower to shoot down at them. I also saw a large stag that collided with a coach on the A3 just before Hook, so they are about. They can jump high fences so let's hope they don't take up train spotting.

Joking aside I think you're right -- it is a little dear in Surbiton.

Unless you have your own theories on evolution or you're a believer in spontaneous generation I'd consider highly unlikely a herd of deer have been introduced to the sanctuary. It's not very big and it's very overgrown.

However, I used to live across the road from it and once came across a startled pheasant in my garden. God knows where a deer could have come from though, Home Park is only about a mile away but it would need to have leapt several fences and the Thames.

I think the word your looking for is Abiogenesis. But I think what you saw is either a ghost or the Surrey Puma!!!

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