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I walk from Berrylands but if using the car will go to New Malden or train to Wimbledon.

I am unsure about what a cloned high street really is but Surb must come close,in Coffee shops at any rate.

The facilities are poor with Sainsburys built on a sloping floor and a disfunctional car park,low life straddling the pavements outside the Cafes and the dodgy Coronation pub and the equally dodgy bar opposite Waitrose,so local people "enjoy" the benefits of the area,but with new blood sweeping in we may get different outlets,mind you we might just get more coffee shops.

I agree, the Sainbury's is a joke. I can't believe that they built it like that.

Surbiton is too close to Kingston to get many new outlets or stores in my opinion. I am surprised that 'M&Co' has lasted so long. I think it would take a lot for people to start coming to Surbiton to buy clothes and homewares etc, especially if they have to travel to do so. Even if the Ewell Road was a dream to drive on, I can't see that many people coming from Ewell or Epsom stopping to shop in Surbiton, they would just go on to Kingston.

Surbiton does have it's couple of dodgy bars, but Corky's or whatever it is called now seems to have clientele that in the main take the 71/281 buses back south at the end of the night. I am not sure that we want any more of that type of new blood in Surbiton.

There are several places that seem to do well in Surbiton - Waitrose, M&S as well as all of the coffee shops and the French Table and Gordon Bennett on Maple Road. Surbiton is a suburb/dormitory town, so it stands to reason that the town centre would just cater to those living around it rather than becoming a 'destination' drawing in people from miles around.


I should think that anyone who lives close by, but not on Ellerton Road itself would probably benefit from it. I pity the residents of Ellerton Road if this does go through - imagine the traffic and parking nightmares it will create, not to mention the late night deliveries....


The development at 2a ellerton road owned by CNM estates was given planning permission in dec 2007 for 23 flats and retail. Word is that they have applied for an extension to the planning permission (ends 27.12.2010) However revised plans on the RBK website show "PROPOSED SITE FOR TESCO EXPRESS STORE"
Planning was given for 3 small retail units. Who wants a Tesco on a residential road?

I have looked on the RBK planning website and can find no reference to a Tesco Express - do you have the URL for it, thanks?

Dave at the moment the Kingston website is corrupted. But if you search the conditions application 10/16386 for 2a ellerton Road and access the plans (there are 12 pages) 1/12 Title "Ground Floor Plan Tesco proposal" and 2/12 in the space in small print "proposed Tesco express

Indeed it is- thanks

I do this sounds a brilliant idea just a pity its such a small site or we could have a really good supermarket in Surbiton.

The council can get Tesco to pay for the whole rebuild of the crazy traffic junction,armco,lights etc and prepare it help cope with the new Polyclinic/School,if it ever gets built.


your worries re the new school are unfounded. The new Surbiton Primary school won't be taking anybody from as far away as the Ellerton Road. Pure scaremongering to suggest otherwise.

The high demand for primary school places in Surbiton means that the catchment areas have now shrunk to as little as 700 metres. These places will be filled by local children, who in previous years would have been forced down to Tolworth, Knollmead or up to King Athelstan.

Locating new school places as close as possible to where they are actually needed will actually decrease overall congestion by minimising needless commuting of primary school children.

The polyclinic may on the otherhand lead to more journeys, as a dozen practices consolidate onto one. I'm not a big fan of the polyclinic tbh.

I've never been convinced that the reason for all the GP's congregating was driven by anything other than making money by selling the old practices they leave behind. The extra outpatient services the polyclinic is planned to provide could still be provided without the GP's presence.

If this is a Tesco Express, ie a local shop, it is highly unlikley that Tesco will pay for any improvements. Its catchment area will be local, and will not generate significant traffic demand.

Thank you anon,but i feel no less concerned about the eventual reach of the new school.I feel you may have underestimated the exponential growth due to an almost total lack of disease and a plentiful supply of food,of the child population and their parents.

Couple this with the massive influx of east european young people,often Catholic,and unfettered by lack of money due to our generous benefits and you will need at least 2 more inf/junior schools in the Surbiton area within 10 years.

The premise that pupils will walk to school is utter nonsense,mums nearly all work and will "drop off" en route to Surbiton,Kingston,Richmond etc.Many will go shopping or to the gym,doctors and dentists so traffic around Ewell Road and Oakhill will be a nightmare both for those who live in this soon to be blighted area and the motorists.

Thats why,if at all feasible a bigger store for Tesco should be considered with underground parking and multi storey shopping floors,with that possibilty and the failure of Tesco to secure the Tolworth site,will mean they will pay for planning plusses including road etc.

Given the lack of vision by the RBK however,the chances of anything actually happening are remote and the Ewell road will cease to function normally with King Charles Road taking the already considerable overspill.

Heigh ho the death of Surbiton creeps ever closer as access is denied from the A3.

Poppy, I really don't get your logic. Supermarkets, most particularly Tescos are synonymous with the death of town centres. Surely your imagined shoppers coming from the A3 would only come as far as 2a Ellerton Rd instead of into the centre and parking at Waitrose or Sainsbury's? Ewell, Upper Brighton and Hook Roads are already a nightmare for traffic congestion. Adding the pull of a major supermarket would only exacerbate this - and don't forget the delivery trucks. Do you work for those chancers at CNM?

As Surbiton town centre is already dead a badly needed supermarket on the outskirts would be most welcome,especially if the company can be persuaded to improve the whole Ditton,Ewell and Kingsdowne road shambolic junction,it may then be possible to get to the new poly clinic and school by car.The car is here to stay,it may be powered by a cleaner fuel but it will never go away whilst the cost of motoring is so low.

The car is here to stay, and long may it continue to be the most popular form of transport.

I live near the centre of Surbiton and work in central London. I could easily get rid of my car and use public transport all the time, but I never would as I enjoy driving too much.

However, this does not mean that I want to drive everywhere. I would never think about driving the half mile to Surbiton or the mile to Kingston town centre unless I had a massive item to pick up that needed the car.

These town centres seemed to be doing just fine before the recession with their limited and expensive parking, and I can't see why RBK would need to consider making them more car friendly.

The only dead bits in Surbiton are the empty shells of CNM's other failing investments.
This thread is just as redundant as their sales agents.

I wouldn't say Surbiton town centre was dead, Poppy. It was positively alive and buzzing when I walked down Victoria Road on Saturday. Try visiting Leatherhead some day. Now there's a Surrey town with an air of death about it.

You are quite right about Leatherhead and it does have the local Crematorium right on its doorstep.

Surbiton is very alive and buzzing if you are young at heart and love coffee,otherwise it has vitually nothing of interest for old gits like me,the best high street in southern england is called Ashley road and it runs for nearly a mile in Poole/Parkstone and contains a huge variety of trendy,cool and yes cheap shops from Waitrose to Peacocks.
Parking is plentiful and free if you buy goods and services.It is blessedly free of the Starbucks etc and has proper coffee shops and tea shops,bliss. Best of all no YMCA and Corkys.

I don’t understand how the ‘death of Surbiton’ could possibly be caused by lack of access from the A3. There surely cannot be that many people who travel from the other side of the A3 just to shop in Surbiton? There simply aren’t enough shops there to justify travelling for miles.

Surely, the shops and infrastructure in Surbiton are more suited to serving those who live within, say 1.5 miles of the town centre itself. Most of these people will either shop when coming back in on the train or make a short walk or car journey to the town centre.

I am not even sure if we should be trying to attract people from mile around as the likely traffic congestion would surely outweigh the economic benefit.

I agree that a regional town centre like Kingston will suffer from poor road links, but Surbiton is entirely different in my opinion.

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