Snail pace Surbiton Place

Property developers feeling the pinch.

CNM Estates, the company behind the former Surbiton Post Office redevelopment, insisted that work on the new Brighton Road site was ongoing, but at a slower pace.

Neighbours speculated that the builders carrying out the work had gone out of business because of the recession, but this was disputed by CNM Estates.

CNM Estates, which sponsored the Rose Theatre's A Christmas Carol performance, confirmed it had decided to rent out some of the flats in its Surbiton Plaza development in Victoria Road, after offers to buy them dried up.


Does anyone know for certain what is happening for certain with the Plaza. I have heard a rumour that the developer has gone bankrupt and so the hole they have made in the High Street is likely to remain that way.

I've noticed that all the CNM Estates boards have ben removed from their site in Surbiton Place - has Wahid finally gone bust and whst is happening with the retail shops he has demolished in Victoria Road ????

We think the bank has taken over the development in Brighton Road and they definately have an interest in the Plaza site. Rumour has it that YMCA is interested! CNM recently lost a high court case and have to pay over £500,000 to bewley Homes who built the plaza. CNM have won a 3 year time extension to Ellerton Road. On the former Red Lion Road pub site it is now subject to an enforcement order at end Nov for unauthorsied use as car wash and car sales. However having taken over the site (CNM has given the operators a lease) for unauthorised use (it was C5 and planning permission given as A1 A2 A3 A4) the car operators have put in an application for "retention as car sales etc" Hope as many people will write to council and object.

cnm ESTATES HAVE ASKED FOR AN extension to the 2a ellerton raod development. Planning permission is due to run out in dec 2010.Now we have found out that a Tesco express is planned under the 23 flats. perhaps TESCO is baling them out

How do 'we' know that? It would seem surprising that Tesco would indicate an interest before building work had started.

On the Kingston website for 2a Ellerton Road under the conditions, Proposed Tesco Express can be seen on the plans October 2010

Well the rest of the housing market in Surbiton is thriving! We sold our flat in less than 3 weeks and agents seem to be busy with lost of prospective buyers for realistically priced properties!

[quote=Anonymous]Well the rest of the housing market in Surbiton is thriving! We sold our flat in less than 3 weeks and agents seem to be busy with lost of prospective buyers for realistically priced properties![/quote]

Of course you will sell in 3 weeks, IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT!

Does anyone know what is happening to the CNM development at the junction of Ellerton Road and Ewell Road on the old police station site. There is a sign on the gate saying that it is in constant use - it looks more like constant disuse to me!

Another CNM Estates failure. First the Surbiton Plaza, then the Red Lion Pub Tolworth, now the Surbiton Place

I see the Champagne ceremonies in the The Vic pub have now finished, failure written all over them

CNM did not start the Ellerton road development because the Housing market had already started to wane and they wanted to to do the red lion site. Now they have lost the Red LION on appeal (for now) who knows what they will do as cash flow must be a bit dented by now

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