Agra Tandoori Restaurant

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Agra Tandoori Restaurant
142 Ewell Road
0208 399 8854



Our family and many of our friends' families have been dining here for well over a decade. Helpful staff, authentic food - the best Indian in the surrounding area. Having spent many years with work up North we were spoilt for choice for Indian restaurants and really struggled to find a decent Indian when we moved back to Surrey - The Agra is by far the best as the food is always consistently delicious. The decor inside the restaurant is rather dated (reminds me of someone's front room in the 70's) but the food and service makes up for it ;)


I have been going to the Agra since i started on solid food! My whole family go there and it all started about 30years ago! by far the best curry around! service and food are never anything but first class!


Me and my partner have been to this restaurant quite a few times now and "touch wood" we've been alright. The food is quite nice. However, the staff seem a bit weird. I always order the things for a delivery night and just like the voices who answer the phone change, the price also changes. So, I don't know if I really trust them with an exact honest bill so I always check the menu list prices before paying just to make sure. Otherwise, can't complain for a quick indian if don't feel like cooking!


Me and my collegue had dinner in Agra last friday and both have been very ill since then.
I still have terrible headache, fever, stomach cramps and diarrhoea.
They also tried to serve us leftover beer and when I tried to complain, they immediately offered new bottle of beer and free drinks to cover it up. I've been a regular customer at Agra over a year, but will never go back again.

Warning: When you order a bottle of Cobra in Agra, PLEASE tell them to bring the bottle and open it in front of you! Otherwise, they only bring the glasses already filled with beer and will use the leftover to serve another customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IF THEY CAN SERVE LEFTOVER BEER, THEY CAN ALSO SERVE RECYCLED FOOD!!!!!!!(which probably caused my food poisoning)

If anyone from Agra is reading this, I'm THAT oriental girl you tried to cheat with the old disgusting leftover beer. Small bottle of Cobra only costs less than a pound. But you just lost your regular just to save that cheap 90 pence. Shame on you.

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