Agra Tandoori - Food Poisoning

15 years ago...

Everytime we visit The Agra Tandoori we have really bad stomach cramps, diarrhoea etc. But we still go back!

But after visiting on Friday I had the full works - really, really bad food poisoning which kept me in bed/on the toilet all the way through to Sunday morning.

Needless to say, we won't be going back and I've reported them to Environmental Health (not sure if they'll do anything) but I wondered - has anyone else been there and had problems?


My family and I have eaten for at the Agra regularly for around 15 years and have never been anything less than delighted with the food served and the service given (so much so that we now know half the names of the employee's there). Also worth noting is that not once have either me or my family been ill as a result of a visit. Real shame this thread had to start out on such a negative note. Also the rating on the door is 3 stars not 1 star, which leads me to question the validity of the claims made at the beginning. Whatever the Agra does, it does it right. Their Lamb Pasanda is the best I've ever had, with a special nod to their poppadom mixes!

No, it's got an official food hygiene rating of 1 which means major improvement necessary on it's food hygiene practices. It was inspected in March this year. Have a look on the Food Standards Agency's website if you want confirmation. Perhaps the 3 stars is for another rating scheme.

Just to note the Food Hygiene Rating for the Agra Tandoori is only 1 which means that Environmental Health Officers from the Council found serious food safety issues at the latest inspection. Ratings for Kingston food outlets can be found on the Food Standards Agency website.

iv'e been eating at the agra for 15 yrs, the staff are very polite and friendly. i now live in boston usa and everytime i return to england the Agra is my first stop. never had a problem with the food, in fact the staff always ask if we want breast meat or dark meat in our chicken dishes. the taka dal is the best i ever had, they keep it basic and simple they way it should be.
bill from boston



Going off track a tad. I used to clean the windows of Agra Tandoori as well as many other shops along the ewell road for many a year 10 years back.

I have fond memories of the staff there. As I drive past now I notice the Ajanta which I also used to clean futher along the road up is closed with the builders in. By the looks of things they are expanding into the shop next door but has been like this for a year now with no sign of building work finishing soon.

Kevin Dixon.

I have been going to Agra Tandoori for 5 years at least twice a week.
The food is brilliant, the tandoori number one is breast of chicken with salad (that's what they call it!) cooked in the charcoal tandoor, which is fired up continuously for 363.5 days a year. Tandoori cooked in charcoal clay oven is the best, the new restaurants use gas and somehow they lose the plot. Tandoori cooking is very authentic, its wonderful and very special.
I recoment the chicken tikka bhuna or the chicken tikka korai with tandoori dry roti, absolutely finger licking, carefull, don't bite off your fingers.
I am very surprised to hear about food poisoning, as most, if not all the food is cooked fresh, clients are welcome to inspect their kitchen.
I've always maintained you should try other curry houses to compare. Tandoori lovers will notice the difference straight away and that is why clients return again and again, its like a club, you see familiar faces.
I have eaten at Agra over 300 times and can highly recomend it, the prices are very cheap.

Went to Saigon Chef at 382 Ewell Road and can only recommend it. Food very fresh and tasty. Nice service. 2 course lunch menu + drinks for about £8.
Sunday buffet for £7.50 Will definitely go again.

I have been going to Agra resturant for 20 years and I have always had an excellent meal and never been ill. Its a shame they do not deliver but I have driven over half an hour to collect a curry from there as it is the best curry I have ever eaten and i can never find any other resturants that compare.
I went to Maya to a meal and the service is shocking and I would never go back.
Red Rose is also good again shame they do not deliver.

I love indian food and rate the Agra as the best in Europe. That may sound like a massive claim but I stand by it and i've eaten many!
I would suggest that perhaps you are intolerant to this kind of spiced food. I've been eating there for ten years, regularly (every week) and have never suffered any illness. I order a variety of dishes, nothing super-hot and have always found the dishes authentic, well portioned, beautifully made. You can tell that they marinade the meat for hours, if not days and it is always superb. Quality of veg and meat second to none, all the chefs and waiters are of indian / pakistani / bangali region, which helps, they know what they are talking about!
I would suggest that next time you go, tell your waiter that you often suffer cramps and unpleasant reactions to the food you choose and they'll point you in the right direction. They will heat up or cool down any dish and will serve extra sauces or breads with a meal to pad it out a bit if you ask. The staff are generally very friendly, they sometimes come across as quite aloof but they are just professionals who take their job far more seriously than perhaps their English counterparts would.
Im currently eating last night's left over methi ghost and sag paneer for lunch, it is awesome as usual and they are always happy to package up my leftovers for me. I hope you manage to enjoy the agra more from now on. :0)

I agree the Agra rules.

The Bhuna prawn with a stuffed paratha and Tarka Dal,really smacks it.

I have been to the Agra in Surbiton recently and I have to say I have no complaints about the food or service, It probably depends on what you order. If you have a heavy meal and that goes for any place its likely that you would suffer an upset stomach the same as if you have pizza and fish and chips and another take away all at the same time! Best to be careful what you order to avoid an upset stomach and in that case it may not even be food poisoning It might just be the combination of food or what you've eaten in the day!

Joy was the worst dining experience I’ve ever had in Surbiton!

We were seated (4 of us, all girls 2 were pregnant) and given menus, 15mins later they took a drinks order, drinks arrive (all wrong!) then they went away even after we said we were ready to order, we waited another 10 mins no one come over so I found a waiter who rolled his eyes and finally came over to take our order. We waited an hour... Nothing! I went to complain and they said it was busy... Yes 4 other tables 3 of which seated after us makes you busy... Then we waited another 20 mins and the waiter came over to take a second drinks order I asked after the food we were waiting for now for 20mins and he said it will be out soon, I said they had 10mins or we would leave, all the other tables who were bigger parties and came in after us had been served! He said if we could each have a glass of wine free... yes the pregnant ladies really wanted wine, we said no and suggested we get 10% off the meal as we had waited 90mins for food he laughed and said there was no way that would happen

The 10 mins were up we got up to leave and the waiter shouted we needed to pay! Pay? For what? Cokes and water? Nope, he wanted us to pay for the food we had ordered but didn’t arrive! Disgusting! I point blank refused to pay, 90mins – no food and aggressive waiters no thanks! We walked out and the waiter shouted at us the whole time we left and then followed us outside, we promptly crossed the road and headed to The Red Rose

It has to be The Red Rose every time now, lovely staff and great food!

I am a regular customer of The Agra Restaurant for many years now (almost 25/26 yrs!) and I have never experienced a single problem. The food in comparison to other local restaurants (in my experience) has been great. Its a good place for a romantic evening or perfect for small family/group parties too as the atmosphere is authentically Indian and one of few restaurants that still serve authentic style curry!

I even voted for this restaurant in The Guardian Awards for 'Best Restaurant in Kingston, Surrey' - But I dont think it would be even nominated if the standards some people claim are poor! A popular choice for people who like traditional Indian atmosphere and authentic dishes at their best. I have personally always recommended the restaurant to my friends and family as its still one of my favourites!

The whole point of highly spiced food is to mask initially unappetising ingredients isn't it? I've had good and bad experiences from just about every Indian restaurant in Surbiton over the passed 10 years.
Joy has been my regular for the last 18months, but last week was a low point; they seemed to be cutting corners and the Jalfrezi, Bombay aloo and vegetable side all tasted identical.
We're heading back to the Agra tonight, after 2years away; I wander if they'll remember our names. Service was always impeccable there.

Red Rose HAS to be the best curry house in Surbiton. The food is delicious, the guys that work there are lovely, and Rocky the owner is the best. We have been going for that last 8 years, and I have never once been disappointed with any aspect of it. (promise I'm not the red rose writing their own post!)

I agree with the comments above absolutley just try these curry's and I promise you won't go elsewhere, they're the best by far in Kingston and surrounding area's - just a shame I live in Chiswick, but never stops me coming down to the Red Rose on a weekend.

I have tried quite a few curry house's in Kingston and the few across the road from the rose (joy and east india)and they cannot compete with the flavours from the Red Rose.

Shane a regular customer from the red rose

Tanduri chicken is my favorite item. Is that available in agra? If so then I am going there on the next weekend. What are the top menus there? And I’m pretty much sure that I’m not going to have any diarrhea because I’m used to eat road side foods like papri chat fuchka etc.

We've been eating at the Agra for years and have never had food poisoning or a bad meal. And the service is cracking. Have had deliveries from the Raj many times but the last one was so horrible I'm really put off..

Just buy one from marks, its just as nice now without the food poisining.

Me and my collegue had dinner in Agra last friday and it was simply the worst restaurant I've ever been!
We ordered a few small bottles of cobra, but they just brought glasses already filled in and we never got to see the bottles.
We thought it was a bit weird but just ignored as we were having good time.
But when we ordered another beer, it had absolutely no gas in it and just tasted like leftover mixed with water!
When we called them to complain, they said 'Please, we'll bring another one' and brought a new(!) one this time.
And also as soon as we finished the meal, they came and said we could have free drinks each on the house.
Since the meal, we both have been very ill over the weekend having severe headache, diarrhoea and vomit.

I've been a regular customer for over a year but will never go back again.
BECAUSE IF THEY CAN SERVE LEFTOVER BEER, THEY CAN ALSO SERVE LEFTOVER FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (which probably casued my food poisoning.)

Here's an update:

Environmental Health have told me that their hygeine was substandard. They suggested they use a system called "Safer food, better business" (?!) and that "Providing the restaurant continues to follow these requirements the food produced should be safe. However, as you will appreciate, I cannot guarantee that this will remain the case."

I haven't been back there yet to test it and, having been to Joy in the meantime, I'm not sure if I'll bother at all. Joy was really rather good.

I was interested to investigate this because I selected the Agra for a meal out with friends one of whom searched for a map and was concerned to find your 'food poisoning' post. I checked with Environmental Health who don't discuss individual premises due to data protection. They suggest that the best place to check food hygiene ratings is here
Once you agree to the disclaimer you can searh for any premises by name etc. Agra has 3 stars out of a possible 5 which the EHO tell me is 'good'. Joy for example has 2 stars. So your account of what EHO said seems at odds with the information they gave to me.

I have been getting take aways [and sometimes eating at the restaurant] from the Agra every week for 25 years+ that's about 1250 times and I have never once been ill as a result. The only complaints in all that time were a hair in a meal several years ago and a small piece of gravel in my daughter's meal about 6 weeks ago. I was also disappointed that they removed the boiled eggs from the byrianis during the salmonella scare. So thats a 99.84% success rate and the food and service are excellent.

What, may I ask, is everyone's fave delivered indian?

I have tried bombay bicycle, not worth their prices, Joy is most often really good although as someone previously stated, there is the odd occasion it's not up to scratch, but I really do like their menu. East India is fantastically cheap and have enjoyed my take aways(no delivery) more often than not. I've never tried the Rose, my partner once had a bug in her takeaway (yes a roach!) but I'v always wanted to try it and everyone seems to rave about them on here, but I'm never allowed to try them.

Are there any other viable options for delivery/collection?

I would like to plug a great place in Thames Ditton but unfortunately can't remember the name.

mmmm just talking about these places is making me crave the curry!

New Hawali's take-aways are fantastic, fresh ingredients & plenty of flavour.

I’m thinking some of these posts that [filtered word] off restaurants are a bit dodgy. An anonymous email from a competitor (of which there are many) would be very easy to do.

Also the beginning of the post by DanEaston (Everytime we visit The Agra Tandoori we have really bad stomach cramps, diarrhoea etc.) also makes me think why he kept going back? Everytime!!!

I can assure you that I'm not 'dodgy'. The reason we kept going back was because the food is simply fantastic, the staff are great, the poppadums could be eaten all day and they give you a shot of any spirit on the house at the end of your meal.

Environmental Health got back to me, got me to fill in a form and said they'd investigate. I wonder if they'll let me know the outcome?

Heard a lot of bad stuff about Agra in the past and then things seemed to get better but they are obviously up to their old tricks again! We went to Maya last weekend and loved it! The restaurant was pleasantly busy without being cramped and the food was fantastic! I used to use Red Rose on a regular basis which is good but needs updating i think! Tried Joy a few times but the food is a bit up and night its great and the next its not too good! I would recommend Maya to you all you folks if you want good indian food in nice surroundings....didnt go to the loos so couldnt comment about that but the restaurant seemed very nicely fitted out!

The red rose, best service and lovely curry.

Went to Maya last week. Food was OK, the specials on the menu were not very inspiring.
The finish to the toilets was very poor, wallpaper hanging off etc.
All looked a bit slapdash and no draught lager. I think it has dellusiions of grandeur.
Joy is much better IMO.

Went to Maya a few weeks ago - the food was fantastic although they need to improve the service dramatically. It was that bad that I'm not sure I'd go back!

That's interesting because we planned to go to Maya but they would never answer their phone and decided that wasn't a good sign! I hate the fact that the Agra caused me such poorlyness, cos the food tastes superb and the staff are fantastic. Just a shame their hygeine standards don't appear to be up to standard.

Go to Joy instead next time. First class curry house, highly recommended!

Environmental Health do follow up. They take complaints like this very seriously
Would help to had taken a sample of the food, though. They'd pick it up and analyse it - not that I take samples when I go and eat in restaurants ...

Me? I would sue them.

I have been a regular at Agra for over 15 years and have (luckily) never had food poisoning or any upset tummies - what did you have to eat?

We normally have Chicken Tikka Masala and Meat Madras.

I have been using The Agra for over 25 years and it was always my favourite Indian .. BUT I went there about six weeks ago and both my partner and I were really sick afterwards ! won't be going back ! and look forward to trying Joy which I understand is more authentic cuisine, will probably skip Maya as a few people have said its not that good.

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