Hart's Boatyard



The service is always so bad! The food is rather average! Nice interior though.


The Boatyard should be so good, but sadly in reality it is as bad as you think it should be good!
Positives; Large interior with disabled access
Negatives; Food (Try the Albany in Thames Ditton - same menu but cooked well), service (slow is not even close and, inpersonable and unfriendly), price.
I use the 3 strike rule and The Boatyard has had three strikes....


The location and decor is great but the management and customer service is terrible at times. The food is just about average although overpriced, but the place is just not run to its full potential. We have had at least 3 reservations messed up. For a large (20 persons) booking, we were told we had only 2 hours to have our meal and get out even though we clearly booked it as a birthday party. I wouldnt recommend Harts for anything more than a drink.

Sadly you are right,they are strangers to customer service and even just having a drink is not the swift and cheerful deivery you would wish,for me the only plus is being able to park.


Superb location and fresh, modern decor. But terribly sloppy service and indifferent, overpriced food.


Yep I agree lovely place

But why is the bar service so slow...... it's been slow for years and puts people of going, I've waited for over 20 minutes for a beer!

I can only assume the till software is to blame or it's too many fiddly coffees being made, sometimes the bar needs more than 1 person working it as well.

I can't fault the staff as they are always nice and try and do there job as best they can.

I used to work at Harts Boatyard 20 years ago.... we were allowed to be alot quicker as we added up the drinks bill in our heads and we could serve more than one person at a time.... those were the days...


I can't see it is the till software - the service has been slow when it was Beefeater, Out and Out and still is now it is an independent. Annoying 'specialist' coffees do take ages, though.

The main problem is that the bar is too small for a pub of this size - it needs to be half again as big as it is. Even so, if they were prepared to have two people serving in each half of the bar rather than just one it would help enormously.

There is a small bar upstairs, but the restaurant staff always come down to the main bar to get drinks for the diners which slows things down further.

It is a great shame as we often end up going to Gordon Bennett or The Grove instead as we know the hassle of waiting for a drink at Hart's will outweigh the enjoyment.

It is just annoying as it would seem to be such a simple thing to sort out!


Went there on the off chance. Sunny day, car park full. Got in, thought food price bit high but ordered roast beef. Absolutely mough watering. Best meal we have had for years. would recommend it to everyone. Well done. Would certainly go back again when in London.


At last this is a restaurant which lives up to it's location. The decor is great, the food nice and varied and there is a good selection of beer and wine.

The location is perfect as well. Once star off for the service, which can occasionally be a bit slow (especially at the bar).

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