The Lamb

The Lamb
73 Brighton Road
020 8390 9229



Best pub in town - Lamblords put on loads of events and are always very welcoming...
Also if you aim higher than a hat... surely you miss!



I'm going to start off by saying I love the Lamb, it's a great pub however I will finish by saying I will never return. Tonight I was having a very pleasant night until we were accused of stealing a hat. A hat... If any of our group would ever steal something, we'd probably aim higher than a hat!
Anyway.. The hat was found in our vicinity.... That makes us guilty!!
It was in the bag of one of the girls in our group which was apparently witnessed by several bar staff even though the bag in question was under a table out of view of the bar staff in question. Not close to the bag, but in the bag!
That was sufficient for Adam (a person who I thought was a nice guy and the manager) to evict all 10 of us for stealing it! I remind you, a HAT!
There obviously was no doubt in his mind... It was us! Guilty!! We stole it!! Yes, a hat!

I'm actually gutted, its a friendly pub and while I know we're not the best regulars in the world , but we are customers who are there semi regularly and for Adam not to think twice about his approach is a massive shame. Friends of ours left crying and that is not a night out. I'd love there to be CCTV in the place to prove the mistake but sadly that's not the case.! Gutted!

I'm confused.

If she didn't steal, how come it was in her bag?

Sorry, having re-read my post which I wrote after a few beers and still very annoyed I realise it's not clear.
The lad who's hat it was came over while I wasn't really paying attention and reclaimed the hat from our vicinity. He claimed it was in the bag but I don't believe that and the only person in our group who was paying attention said whatever it was he "reclaimed" was found to the side of the table. He certainly didn't go in the bag, my iPad was in there in if some random tried to go in it I would have noticed.

It all happened very quickly and honestly, at the time I didn't pay attention. It's only later when the manager came over and things started to escalate that I tried to think through what happened.

Anyway, even in the cold light of day I'm massively disappointed with the approach. Accusing people of stealing in my book is a very strong accusation and you need to be pretty certain of the situation. I don't see how Adam could be? For a fact, he's wrong.

WTF? I think this is a case for Columbo!
Right i'm totally confused by this incident, all we need now are pink elephants and some chocolate buttons to make the story complete.

OK so to put his into plain English, you and your friends got very sloshed, you 'took' and hid a fellow patrons hat, he got annoyed, barmen comes over asks for the hat, you get on the defensive, you get kicked out.

Does that sum it up?

Sorry Surbitondrinker but it appears you, like others from Friday are jumping to conclusions! You are very wrong and I suspect someone else's silly games has lead to us being on the receiving end! Anyway, it's in the past and I'm not going to let it annoy me any more! Surbiton has many nice establishments for me to visit.

No Tomesy, I'm not jumping to any conclusion here, the problem here is that I nor anybody else has a clue of what happened that night.
Not that I care too much about the incident but when you come on here and start posting cryptic extracts then don't be surprised to get mocked!

Fair enough - if it's criptic, it's because I dont understand why we were treated that way also.
However I accept, I brought it to the public domain so I should expect whatever that brings and understand your scepticism. One leason learnt, no matter how harshly treated I feel - no point in making it public!

I am with you Ryan,puzzling situation.Perhaps the "Hat" was playing a game of "find the lady" and won.


A proper community pub.


My favourite pub in the whole wide world!

The Lamblords, Adam & Liz, are fantastic, they have 3 different ales on at all times, with one of them a regularly changing guest ale and hey do fantastic Mojitos too.


Exactly what a good local should be. Amazing owners who make you feel welcome, great mix of regulars and a brilliant program of events all year round. Somewhere I could actually go for a quick drink on my own (should I be so inclined) and feel quite at ease.

Amazing beer garden too!


It is very tempting to try and keep this place a secret but they really do deserve recognition as the best pub in Surbiton.
It is so refreshing to have a pub run by people who really seem to want to engage with their customers and the local community. Great beer and great off-the-wall events.


Not a traditional pub in decor, but very friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere make this a great pub.


This is by far the best pub in surbiton / kingston. Very freindly with a great selection of cheeses and stick on moustaches! Our fave place to drink.


Yep, the Lamb is great. Shabby chic is the best way to describe the interior. Nice beer garden as well.


Love the Lamb!!

I live on Brighton Road and the Lamb is what good locals should be about. The owners Adam and Liz are really friendly and put on some fantastic nights. The beer is good, board games to play over a glass of wine and gorgeous cheese too!

I had my 30th there in April and it was a great night. Fancy dress is their forte too!

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