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Red Rose
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This place is the best in Surbiton. There used to be a traditional curry competition in the form of Maya, and whilst the new award-wining Thali Ho is pretty great , Red Rose serves excellent classic curry in vaguely 70s style décor.

Had a takeaway from RR at the weekend and it was probably the finest Indian meal of my life.


the raj is the best


The Raj in Ewell is the best curry house and there have been est since 1984 and there always do something different, I have tried red rose, prithi, maya and joy but none of them can compare with the raj. The Raj is something different and very friendly.

red rose needs the cleaning done, old chair and carpet smell like anything?

You are correct on one point - the Raj certainly is different. Its the only restaurant of the ones you mention that does really awful curry. Watery, insipid, flavourless bottom gravy of the worst kind. No talent or passion in the kitchen, and it certainly shows.

It just shows how opinions differ. I have been to the Raj several times and don't even find it the best curry house on Ewell Road, let alone in the whole of Surbiton.


I have been there twice and won't be making that mistake again, the first time was bad but decided to give them a another chance this time even worse terrible food using cheap ingredients which made the curry tasteless and there was a layer of grease on top just to make things even worse, slow service and at times the waiters seemed as if they didn't care asked for the manager who never came very dissatisfied.
The competition of Indian restaurants on Brighton road is fierce and these boys don't stand a chance, my recommendation would be Maya across the road better quality food and service in a great looking restaurant which has won awards for their food and restaurant and has a great reputation and always seems busy a good sign!


I've been going here for the last 5 years after it was recommended to me by a friend. The service is very good and the food is amazing, no matter what dish I order. Some of these remarks about the rudeness etc I doubt the manager would be like that as he is always very friendly and welcoming. I definitely feel a second chance should be given, because you can have a bad experience anywhere, even the chain restaurants. I love eating out and this will always be my choice for a curry!


Went to the Red Rose for the first - and last - time last night.
We booked in advance - wanted a table for 8.30pm but were offered 9pm instead. Got there right on time and were told the table wasnt ready and to wait at the bar. No apology. After fifteen minutes squashed in the narrow space between the bar, other diners, and the toilets, my partner asked how long the table would be. They didnt know, they had been busy. No apology.
Finally got seated at 9.30pm, with a snide remark from the waiter - "are you happy now?!" Not really, no.
The place was rammed so maybe other people dont mind this treatment, but personally when I book a table I expect it to be ready, or at least to receive an apology if it isnt; I thought this was basic restuarant etiquette? Distinctly average food and real sense of "pile it high, sell it cheap" about the place. Never again.

I would understand you not liking the food, thats a personal thing, and it isn't as good a it used to be....

However, I have NEVER been treated badly by the team there. They are generally and exceptionally polite bunch (even my parents like it there, and they hate indian food!!).

Even when i have rocked up there pissed hay have always been polite to me ;-)

We have often had the same treatment, waiting upto 30 minutes to sit down when a table had already been booked.

However, I have always found this the only bad thing about the place. Whenever I have been, the staff have been very courteous and the food is always great.

If you like your curries at the hotter end of the scale, the Red Rose (especially the 'Balti' section of the menu) is hard to beat. I am not sure how it fares on the milder stuff and I have certainly heard people say they prefer the food at Joy or Maya.

I will keep going back to the Red Rose, but after your experience it might be better to try one of Brighton Road's other curry houses - they are both very good.

I can see why you were a little annoyed at having to wait as i would be exactly the same if it was my first visit.
To be honest it's far better if you just turn up without booking as I never usually have to wait more than 15 minutes, and the wait is well worth it.
I certainly wouldn't say the food was average, yes their portions are big but I like every one else likes value for money.

Don't think that there are many other Curry houses that can compete with the taste of the Rose in Surbiton/Kingston. All dishes are tender, well spiced and not drowning in oil. I really suggest you give them a second chance when you are not so hacked off.


joy is far far better than any curry house in surbiton. staff friendly and modern cooking - red rose is very poor cuts of chicken in compaison - very dry.


I actually think the decor is comparatively good. I prefer old fashioned 'aging decor' to modernist new age tosh. I prefer my pubs that way too. The food at the Red rose is 8/10. The service 9/10 and The Manager 10/10.


I say if you want good food go to prithi restaurant

If you want to walk to Tolworth!


I used to visit the red rose quite often. Until the maya
opened. Visited the maya where the food
was ok but the service was very poor.
Until recenty the new Indian opened in
hook road next to the regent called Daruchini.
I have to say the decor, food and the
service is wonderful. Manager Jay was very
welcoming and friendly. I have recommended all
my family and friends to go there.


Why do people eat here? It's terrible and made me feel sick, my first and last visit to this revolting place.

Why not just cook your own curry at home,my Chick Pea and Prawn on a stuffed Paratha with Tarka Dal is legendary and I can have a drink and be safe.

An anonymous reply slating a restaurant that is rammed every weekend stinks to high heaven.
You must work at a rival restaurant?

I ate here last week for the first time in years. The food was just as high a standard as I remember it.

Sorry to hear that. I have been a regular customer here for over ten years, and have never had a bad curry. That said, it is a very traditional menu, so I often go to Maya or Joy instead for something different. The Red Rose decor is beyond tired as well, so I will always go somewhere else if I am with visitors.

Hopefully, your experience was an exception. The fact that this place often has a queue right through the restaurant a couple of times a week suggests that it was. I can understand why you wouldnt want to go again, though!


The Red Rose used to be our favourite curry house in Surbiton, and is still always popular. However the food has gone downhill and we have given it a couple more chances, still to be disappointed. When we asked for Rocky the manager to come over -- we had been waiting an hour for our meal -- he just walked the other way. Decor is very tired and the place gets very hot and sticky - sorry Rocky, never again. We will try Maya next time !


Always a safe option for a good curry. We have been using it for more than 10 years and go back for our regular Friday night takeaway time and time again.



Still excellent, and this shows by how busy it continues to be despite the 'credit crunch'. It is now easy to get a walk in table at Joy on a Friday night, but you have to wait for a while at the Red Rose.

Food is excellent, but they still need to do something about the old fashioned decor. They will probably not be in any hurry, though, as it does not seem to be harming trade.


Always quite good food, but not outstanding. However, almost every body I know loves the place.

I personally feel that its very easy to get used to a certain way - despite it not being the best way - and i think thats what has happened to Red Rose customers! Im a young professional - and to be honest i hated the wait outside Red Rose and then once I got a seat it was only only to be subjected to a rather plain and boring eating environment. It wasnt my scene at all. I have recently tried the new reastaurant across the road, Maya, and im very glad i did - It was a lovely CHANGE! This restaurant has great quality food (possibly better than Red Rose) and the atmosphere is buzzing all night! Would recommend to all!! Also having spoken to the owners, I have realised that although theyve opened up new in the area, they have been in the trade for some 40 odd years - and you can definately tell - They know what theyre doing!

I have never had a bad curry at this place. This has to be one of the best traditional curry houses in the Surry area. I cannot recommend the Bombay Aloo enough. The service is good and the guys are always friendly. Not the cheapest but you pay for what you get good quality food.
I resent the comment made by the ‘Young professional’ below. His comment that it is a place that customers are ‘used to a certain way’ you had to wait I would imagine because you didn’t book a take. It is always busy at weekend because it’s excellent.
Do the math, you got a table across the road because it’s not as good. However if you prefer the décor at the price of the food than may I suggest you buy an Asda takeaway curry and eat it in the furnishing section of IKEA.

The Red Rose has bought [rented] the neighbouring property and will be extending soon

I think it is certain dishes that they do well. If you like the 'old-fashioned' curries with the hot but quite sweet sauce (Madras, Jalfrezi, Dhansak) etc Red Rose is different and better than almost any other restaurant I have been to. The Korma and Tikka Masala is about the same as anywhere else.

The only problem is that they do not have a very inspiring specials list, so you may be best of elasewhere if you want something out of the ordinary.


never had a bad one. always reliable and friendly service. red rose rocks


You didnt order the screw then?

OK, I'll ask. What is the screw?


I have to admit it has been a long time since I ate at the Red Rose, probably around 1994 - As there was a rusty screw in my curry, how disgusting! The staff did not seem to care, have never been back since.


Have to admit, for a standard curry menu, The Red Rose is excellent, manic, always busy and great food.


This is the best 'traditional' curry house in Surbiton. It has all of the classic dishes, nothing too adventurous, but I have rarely tasted better.

The interior is tatty and dated, and the tables too close together. If you want nicer surroundings and a more modern menu, try Joy across the road. If you want the tastiest Indian food, go to the Red Rose.

If you want everything - go to MAYA! One word - PERFECT!

Maya? No way!

If you want the best of the traditional style of Indian food that you get in England, go to the Red Rose. It's excellent and I've never had bad food there. Mind you, their Dal is a bit salty... Yeah, the interior is dated, but I can't say that I mind.

If you want something a bit different in a stylish restaurant with friendly staff, try Joy. The food is excellent and it is the best Indian restaurant I've ever been to. Certainly the best restaurant in Surbiton.

I have to agree with Ryan.*
Old School – Red Rose. Rocky is a gent and the food is superb.
New School – Joy.. God I love the food there. It's all about the specials.
Maya – Style over substance, (no draught lager, a stalwart of the British indian).

* I grew up in Tooting for 20 years. Arguably the curry capital in London.
(The first person to say anything positive about Brick Lane gets a roti in the chops)

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