Not long started as a Sainsburys Delivery Driver, but at another location.

So far: Breaks, yes, they are squeezed out to more or less nil. Also, to get around in time, ideally need to leave earlier than schedule, which means starting the shift 30 minutes earlier, but so far, have been paid for this. Against company rules but sandwich and drink in the van saves the day.

Staff; So far, all I have seen are really friendly and helpful, and the store I am based at has this reputation amongst its peers. This is also displayed to customers in store.

Mr, Mrs, Miss, Sir or Madam err What's the problem?

Vehicles good order, modern, chiller compartment but sat nav is unreliable, so long in the tooth drivers use their own. I haven't got one so have yet to see see if this is a problem.

Hygiene; good personal and food hygiene displayed. Loading bay area looks a bit grim but it is tidy, clean, and scrupulous checks on keeping food dry / chilled / frozen as appropriate.

New pda based delivery system has all but eliminated missed items / orders.

Managers? When I attend for interview I went to customer service desk and was helped by (unbeknownst to me) he store general manager who had remained whilst another member of staff showed a customer to the item they wanted.


I worked for Sainsbury's as an online groceries driver and being an ex employee of Sainsbury's I will urge anyone NOT to shop there to support that big orange monster. Go to Tesco, go to ASDA, go to Waitrose, go to Marks and Spencer just don't shop at Sainsbury's. The company is absolutely appalling they are bragging about being top supermarket this year above the others and its a no wonder why the staff are so unhappy I was. Sainsbury's are weirdly obsessed with high MCM levels, targets and stores getting marked down by the call centre and mystery shoppers. Sainsbury's [filtered word] off stores like Tesco and Asda accusing them of being unhygenic and messy when Sainsbury's are even worse themselves (pot calling the kettle black). They bully the staff to work overtime and some departments such as the Online room for the deliveries refuse to let the drivers have breaks and force them to work under viciously tight deadlines (I should know). Sainsbury's managers never stay in the job for long and move on and most of the staff don't stay because the company is so awful. The poor staff are all forced by the orange monster to give customers a personal Harrods service in a shop thats no better then Tesco and Asda and the poor staff are under constant fire all the time. They have to almost push a customer round in an armchair flossing the customers teeth as they are pushed around the store (This includes tramps and chavs). And everything has to be Mrs or a Mr when none of the customers actually care about how cheesily they are addressed because the whole idea is to pick their items up then go home. I don't support Sainsbury's by shopping there after working for such a diabolical company and I would urge others to follow suit!

Theorangemonster I used to Asda in home shopping and my experiences there were just same as yours at Sainsburys. I had to assemble home deliveries in-store and deal with customer requests at the same time, company rules dictated that you are always happy to help even though your pick-rate was regularly monitored too. Managers often behaved like bullies to staff and a policy of "If you don't like it, you know where the door is" to staff who had any issues about their work. The company often preached on staff noticeboards that the store had overspent on wages but in reality some departments staff were in short supply and badly needed, this usually resulted in managers harrassing already hard pressed staff into doing overtime at the last minute with no guarantee of getting paid for it. Most departments would have a monthly huddle which was meant to motivate staff but in truth it was an excuse for managers to tell you that customer service/performance levels were poor etc. Fortunately I managed to secure another job with a half decent employer I do miss my colleagues at Asda and some will find work elsewhere, as for the managers well enough said.

I never heard people whinge so much! I used to work at an Asda and guess what, I loved it! You might find that if you actually get on and do your work that you are paid to do then you may get some respect back! I tell you what people might moan about every other 'so'and 'so' taking their jobs but i take my hat off to those hard workers who are happy not to suck of the state and take great pride in their work!

Yes HardWorker I loved working at Asda too but what I didn't care for was some of the working practices and the behaviour of some managers. I worked hard there, and apart from kind thank-yous from certain key colleagues and managers, but had to endure pointless huddles about poor service etc. The comments weren't about people taking jobs from others and living off the state. They were generally about the big stores treating their workforce like robots.

I'm fortunate enough not to be able to shop at Sainsbury's these days but whilst there i never once faulted their service. I think your problem stems from the fact that you actually have to work!
Addressing a customer using Mr, Mrs etc is called manners my dear boy, it does make a difference and it never goes unnoticed but you like the rest of this new generation seem to want to put in the minimum effort for maximum gains!
We all have to work extra hours and go the extra mile but that's a choice we make when we are looking for a career. I know a few people who have enjoyed working there and some who even stayed on for several years, surely it can the that bad?

Anyway good luck with your quest for the easy life.


I only go to Sainsburys in desperation, for a pint of milk or a newspaper. There is hardly any choice - only Sainsburys own brand - in a lot of the aisles. Aisles are far too close together and claustrophobic (think Waitrose ..) and it is just a depressing place. Staff very messy and sloppy, miserable woman on Customer Service who just won't look you in the eye and smile (the blonde lady is fine though). I think some of the staff need a good wash. Yes Waitrose is more expensive and I do tend to shop at Tesco New Malden for my 'big shop' but what a difference .. if I had to shop in Surbiton and could afford to, it would be Waitrose every time.


Miserable staff, I had a lady frown and roll her eyes as I approached her desserted till. When I asked her if there was a problem she huffed and refused to reply. The lack of stock and sloping floor are amongst the reasons I choose to drive to New Malden and shop HAPPY at tesco!


Miserable staff, I had a lady frown and roll her eyes as I approached her desserted till. When I asked her if there was a problem she huffed and refused to reply. The lack of stock and sloping floor are amongst the reasons I choose to drive to New Malden and shop HAPPY at tesco!


Well apart from the chavvy staff who prefer to have a chat and a laugh with their mates in front of and behind the counter when they should be serving you - it is just me or is it utterly disgusting that some of the checkout ladies lick their fingers to open the bags and then touch your food as they pass it down the conveyor?

Maybe the manager should have a word..................................................? If there's a manager about, that is.

This is the thing that most puts me off about shopping there, marginally before the prices (but at least it's cheaper than Waitrose and M&S.)

All the checkout staff are so miserable


It's a supermarket - what do you expect? It's fine.

I expect well stocked shelves,easy parking,knowledgeable staff,wide selection of goods,smooth trolleys,flat shopping surface,wide aisles and very clean floors,sadly few of the preceding can be found at Sainsburys.


Sainsburys bad management

Has anyone ever seen the manager at this Sainsburys store. All I ever see is a couple of so called 'supervisors' standing around talking whilst the shelves are empty and queues building up at the tills. I’ve leaved my full basket at the tills many times and walked out.


A nightmare,the floor slopes and it was built with the slope in place.The car park is not theirs but they need to pressure the owner to fix the lakes that form along with lifts that are rarely fully operational.

No wonder Tesco is eating their lunch.

It could be a lot worse. It could be a Tesco!!

[quote=Anonymous]It could be a lot worse. It could be a Tesco!![/quote]

Not if Tesco employ trained, hard working managers

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