Police release CCTV images following assault in Surbiton

The victim was taken to a local hospital and treated for facial and head injuries.

Officers are releasing CCTV images of two men and women in a bid to identify them following a violent and unprovoked assault in Surbiton.

The assault happened at approximately 01:20hrs on Sunday, 2 March 2014 at Victoria Road, Surbiton, near the Sainsbury’s.

The 17-year-old victim and his 18-year-old friend, were both returning from an evening out in London and had stopped at a late night restaurant before continuing their journey. As they were walking along Victoria Road, a woman, who was in the company of three other men, began to repeatedly swear at them for no apparent reason.

The victim asked her why she was swearing at them. The woman then pushed the victim and one of the three men she was with kicked him in the stomach, then one of the other men punched the victim, knocking him to the ground where he struck his head.

The victim told police that he felt metal when he was punched and it is possible a weapon was used to inflict the injuries. It is not known how the suspects left the scene. The victim was taken to a local hospital and treated for facial and head injuries. He has since been discharged. He has also lost a tooth as a result of the force used.

The suspects are described as:

[1] A white female, aged approximately 23, with long hair and wearing a black cropped jacket and black top and bottoms.

[2] The man who kicked the victim was also white, aged between 22 to 24 and approximately 6ft 2ins tall. He had short dark blond hair and was wearing a brown top and brown suede shoes.

[3] The man who punched the victim was white, aged approximately 24 his hair was closely shaved and he had a black beard. He was about 5ft 11ins tall and was wearing a black sweater and jeans.

[4] The description of the fourth man who was with the group is not known.

Detective Constable Lucie Cannon said: “This was a violent and unprovoked attack that left a young student requiring hospital treatment. Whilst CCTV is being used to assist us in our investigation, I would ask the public to contact me if they recognise the people who may have been responsible, or have any other information about this assault, your information may be vital in identifying those responsible and will be treated as confidential.”

Anyone who with information should contact Kingston CID on 0208 721 5919 or 07919 271552.


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