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Victoria Road



I hate the new menu.
The only thing that was ever worth ordering in there was the trentino pizza, and it's not on the menu anymore :-(


Not great.


Our experience at Zizi Surbiton was most unpleasent.. We arrived on Thurs evening at 7.00pm . The lady that greeted us was surley and snapped have you a booking to which we replied No, she then said you will have to sit by the kitchen then. She then proceeded to show us to the table. Another waitress came up and asked us if we wanted drinks we then ordered it took at least 20 mins before we had our drinks and when they arrived the waitress slammed them down on the table. She then came back about 20mins later to take our food order at no time did she smile. We have no complaints with the food but the service was appalling we were made to feel a nuicence. When we finished our meal there was a loud bang and when we looked there was glass all over the floor about 2 feet away from us . The lady that first greeted us came to look and i asked her what had happened she snapped I dont know at no time did she ask if we were OK. On leaving the restaurant I asked to speak to the Manager and it just happened to be the same lady I told her that the service and her attitude was appalling and they need to take some lessons from the Richmond branch as the staff are always very pleasent all she said was Ok at no point did she apologise I would like to add it is the first time ever that I have left no tip but I have never had such a miserable experience anywhere and I do eat out often. I will never return to Surbiton branch

I fully agree - would never ever go back even for a free meal - it is overpriced naff food served but sour and disinterested staff


Modern feel interior is OK.
Food.. was OK.

However, We were waiting an hour to get delivered our dishes when there ware not many tales at the restaurant at that time.

Service level should be developed!


Good location, great venue and stylish decor.

Waiting time for food and drink was not overly long and, in fact, gave us time to relax and chat - a welcome change from venues where we are continually rushed to place orders.

The wine was fine and the starter excellent (shared platter). We had both ordered pasta dishes and were pleasantly surprised to receive our order so soon after the starter course. Unfortunately these were very poor indeed. They had obviously been under the warming lamps for some time and the pasta and sauce were dry. My spaghetti was stuck together in clumps! Suffice to say I did not eat much and when approached voiced my disappointment to the waitress.

The cost of my dish was deducted from the bill, as were the conciliatory coffees. I noted that the head waiter (?) was constantly having to apologise to other diners throughout the evening so our experience was not unique.

Overall view, disappointing. I shall not be going back in the foreseable future.


Having eaten at various Zizzis around the country over several years, we found that this one was the weakest in terms of food quality. A great pity as we had awaited the opening of this local Surbiton restaurant with anticipation. Unfortunately this all fell flat, emphasised by the fact that this was a birthday celebration. Of the 3 of us that dined, only one was happy with all of their dishes - the other two found the food mediocre, unseasoned, tasteless and overcooked with the only course unanimously liked being the desserts (ice cream and sorbet!). We will not be returning as there are much better Italian restaurants in the area.


Went on friday night, 8pm peak time.....
so what if its a chain. I work in central and live in surbiton and this zizzi was excellent. the menu is far more extensive than normal zizzi chains.
BEST CUSTOMER service I have experienced for aggges.
Dont judge until you go there.

the italian 2 doors down is also VERY VERY good!!!

Four of us went on Saturday at 2000,no res but plenty of tables and had good service and excellent food with fine and moderately priced wine.
At a max of only around £50 a head with plenty of wine I reckon this was good value.

Background music is obtrusive though and must say this is really for adults and not children,which is great as I cannot stand wingeing children in a restaurant.


We went at about 5.00pm on a Saturday before it got really busy. We have two kids aged 8 and 4 - we did not get a frosty reception as someone previously mentioned. We did have to wait AGES for food - 25 minutes for the first drink, and then 45 minutes from ordering for pizzas to arrive - and this was when the restaurant was quiet!

I note another user wonders if a Carluccios would open in Surbiton - I am not impressed with the Carluccios I have tried in Esher and Kingston and would rate Zizzi's higher. Positano gets my vote as best Italian in the area - good food, service and atmosphere.


"We have two kids aged 8 and 4" why not take them to McDonalds on a Saturday night and give us a break !!!

Just because you chose to feed your children pure excrement, does not mean others wish to do the same.

hahahahaha That 'pure excrement' is far tastier and dare I say healthier than many of overpriced and tasteless restaurants that we have in Surbiton. (Swallow your pride and admit it, you think you're above it because you live in Surbiton)
As for Zizzi's, I can't really complain, it's a great deal with the vouchers you get these days but I certainly wouldn't go there with out one.

Why should she/he take her kids to McDonald's on a Saturday night? Maybe her children are very well behaved. Give you a break from what exactly?


We were looking forward to the opening of Zizzi's as it is a chain we use regulaly elsewhere. As parents of 2 toddlers, we tend to eat out early to avoid the crowds and to avoid disturbing others. When we arrived at Zizzi's at 5.15 to find the restaurant empty apart from 2 tables, we were pleased but things soon changed. The staff made it very clear that children were not welcome - no high chairs were brought despite asking 4 times. No children's menu was offered and the service was incredibly slow for drinks and food. Our food when it arrived was cold but as we had waited so long, we were reluctant to send it back. This restaurant has made a big mistake - it is neither cheap enough nor friendly enough to cater to the family market and frankly not slick enough to cater to the adult market.


Really very good. I have been to several branches of Zizzi before, but this one has a more modern feel, and a slightly more imaginative menu.

The food as very good, as was the service. I know that many people will turn their noses up at the thought of a chain restaurant in Surbiton, but I think that this place will have a very positive effect on that end of Victoria Road.

i went with the wife and kids recently, it was overpriced for average food and not really suited for a family, would prefer a carluccios or pizza express in its place, i cant see it lasting

Unfortunately, Surbiton has got a bit of a way to go until Carluccio's would open on the high street. If the YMCA was to close down, it might get a bit closer, but I cannot see Carluccio's being prepared to open at that end of town with all of the charity shops and empty shopfronts that it would have as neighbours.

I hope Zizzi will do well there and bring some other nice businesses to improve the look and feel of that part of the town centre.

My husband and I went recently and it is a much more upmarket version of the other ZiZZis. I think it should do well


Another chain ! therefore food lacks authenticity. £11.00 for a pasta !!! West End prices. Give this one a miss, plenty of good Italian restaurants in Surbiton already.

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