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Zizzi opens 28 April 2008

12 years ago...

I was walking this evening along Victoria Road and on the front door, it stated that there was a private party going on with a message saying it was opening Monday April 28. It will be interesting to see how it fares compared to the other Italian restaurants around the area.


Tried it a couple of times, but won't be going there again. Food mediocre, very very dark and dreary inside, no welcome and no atmosphere at all. Can't evenn see out of the windows.

Poor food, bad service - beautiful venue though. With so many fantastic independent restaurants offering far superior food in Surbiton, there is no call for spending your hard earned cash in Zizzi.


Shame though

2 for 1 offer at Zizzi

You may be interested to know that you can get a 2 for 1 offer at Zizzi here ...

Another Italian......yawn....

Has anyone noticed that this restaurant seems to continue to do really rather well?

I went in there at 9pm last Thursday night, and there were three couples in front of me waiting for tables. I left my number, and eventually got a table at 9.30. I was expecting to walk in to a half empty restaurant.

I assumed that it had been initially busy because of the novelty of a chain restaurant opening in Surbiton. Over 3 months later, it is probably the busiest restaurant in the town. It is easier to get a table without booking at Gordon Bennett or Da Lucio than it is here at the moment.

I think the food is quite good, and the building itself is nice, but it is hardly in the nicest part of town.

Anyone who's visited can now leave a review or comments on Zizzi on their Best / Worst of Surbiton page. webmaster

looks great, when are the shops on the new cul de sac behind zizzis opening?

And now its up for auction sale

What a surprise. I wouldn't want a 2 for one, I wouldn't even go if it was a 2 for free !!

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