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Surrey Comet | Kingston

Will Cyn Dorella go to the ball at the Cornerhouse in Surbiton?

The cornerHOUSE panto in Surbiton has reached its thirtieth birthday, and is going full circle with a fresh version of the original.

Kingstonian is coming back to the borough - but not to Kingsmeadow

Kingstonian could be back in the borough by next season if plans to share grounds with Corinthian-Casuals are approved.

'Turning point' in Kingston political landscape as new party launched ahead of May elections

A new political party has been launched in Kingston ahead of the May local elections, hoping to shake the council up – the Kingston Independent Residents Group (KIRG).

Block of flats catches fire in Kingston

Four fire engines and 21 firefighters were sent to deal with a fire at a block of flats in Kingston.

Burglar stopped by police while wearing a watch he stole earlier that day

A burglar who was brazenly wearing an expensive watch he stole earlier that day has been jailed, and will be deported to Albania after his sentence.

Surbiton Crescent restrictions make £4.5million in first year

The Surbiton Crescent traffic restrictions caused an eye-watering £4.5 million of fines to be issued in the first year.

Decision deferred on Tolworth Hook Rise site plans for 950 homes

Kingston Council has deferred a decision on plans to build 950 homes on Tolworth’s Toby Jug site.

The Surbiton Station letter holder and Tolworth Tower bookend you didn't know you needed

A Surbiton couple is selling a pair of quirky homeware items inspired by area landmarks.

Quirky historical exhibition in Surbiton and Tolworth gets Lottery funding

An exhibition showing a century’s worth of the history of allotments in Tolworth and Surbiton has been given £69,700 of Lottery funding.

Surbiton Crescent: angry motorists seek legal fight to reclaim in fines

Fines paid by motorists caught out by the Surbiton Crescent traffic restrictions should be repaid because Kingston Council did not properly advertise the changes to the use of the road, it is claimed.

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